In common most of the pharmaceutical companies are need improvement in procurement, despite the potential benefits that really required achieving the competitive success. The management team focused on all the deliver the best aspects to , even though procurement represents more than half of the of total costs in the pharma companies and plays a intangible role in executing innovation, tapping the competitive market, managing the costs and risk that associated with the vacillating raw-material in the potential supply markets.
Overall, pharmaceutical procurement organizations traditionally outperform other industries in the area of direct spend control (raw materials and production), Syngene achieve top results in controlling the much bigger indirect spending categories by introducing the IT initiatives in all the supporting functions such as FICO for financial controlling by providing various implementations in material management, production planning, plat maintenance and project systems as well. The supply chain management functions were also advanced by barcode process, real time material data entry, weighing scale integration and ware house management.
Human capital management (HCM) is one of the major modules in the procuring set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources the organization. HCM software is benefits in putting the values such as
• Core HR operations such as payroll, benefits administration, on boarding, compliance management and maintenance of employee data.
• Talent management, the collective term for the process of recruiting, developing and retaining employees. Talent management also included in the performance management, compensation management, learning and succession planning.
• Workforce management, the set of functions for deploying employees with the necessary skills to the relevant departments or projects. It includes attendance management, workforce planning, labour scheduling and budgeting.
• In the service category, which include HR help desks, intranet portals, employee self-service (SAP ESS) and manager self-service.


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