1. Managing Diversity: To target young people of colour and women who have recently completed college. They can be good potential employees. By this we can make sure that the diversity is maintained.
2. Mentoring Sessions: It is not possible to expect a change when all of the employees are not involved. Providing mentorship sessions by mixing people from all levels and people of colour with the whites, may initiate a feeling of belongingness and togetherness.
3. Merit based Rewards: Performance evaluation should be based on behaviour and attitude towards work. Rewarding the employees who meet the performance standards in the best way possible can motivate employees to work harder.
4. Referral Programmes: Employees can refer other good candidates and the employers can select the ones of same race or background who deem fit for the job.
5. Diversity Training: Such programs can educate employees in understanding the results of their efforts. In this way, the employees who do not have a direct benefit in the company being diversified, can understand that they still have a stake in program’s success.
6. Company Norms: focusing on the practices that emphasize on equality and teamwork can be beneficial.
7. Network Groups: Reinstating the network groups and controlling their working, making sure that the power given to them is not being taken for granted.


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