The biggest strength of Vee Technologies is its own SonaCollege, it has over 10,000 students including MBA and P.HD .We use Sona College as a fertile recruiting ground to ensure access to top talent and as a proving ground to test many of our internal processes before setting them into a production environment at Vee Technologies
The big advantage of IT firms is their ability to employee from offshore, as physical interaction with client is not very significant, with technologies coming up. This reduce the cost of engagement and it also helps the company to recruit from a vast talent pool, rather than a fixed one.
Vee Technologies is training employees about the design thinking which is a user centric one and also making internal processes much simpler.

Physical Evidence:
Being in service industry, the evidence for VEE technologies is not only about the number of product it sells, but also customer satisfaction. Revenue of Vee Technologies, to sustain its daily operations, manage its clients is significant evidence. Vee technologies is fasting growing firm in the US. Hugh variety of services, partnership with the clients for long term business success and number of new clients coming up is an important aspect.

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