Page 1 of 3 Include all your answers to a single word document

Page 1 of 3

Include all your answers to a single word document, name the document using your EN number
and upload it to link given in the courseweb before the allocated practical hours are finished.

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01. Write a program for the following problem. Hint: you may need set of pointers declared.

Pseudocode for the main function.
Read two integer values from a user, num1 and num2
Print the values read from the user
Print num1 and num2

Pseudocode for the function swap.
Declare the function to be a void
Begin swap function
Get num1 and num2 as inputs
Swap num1 and num2
End funciton

02. Comment the operation/purpose of each line in the programs given. Write the output of
each program.

Program 01:

int main (void)
int count = 10, x;
int *int_pointer;
int_pointer = &count;
x = *int_pointer;
printf (“count = %i, x = %i
“, count, x);
return 0;

EC1441 – Engineering Programming
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) / B.Eng. (Hons) in Engineering– Year 1 Semester 2

Laboratory Experiment 04

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Program 02:

int main (void)
int i1, i2;
int *p1, *p2;
i1 = 5;
p1 = &i1;
i2 = *p1 / 2 + 10;
p2 = p1;
printf (“i1 = %i, i2 = %i, *p1 = %i, *p2 = %i
“, i1, i2, *p1, *p2);
return 0;

Program 03:

int strToInt (const char string)
int i, intValue, result = 0;
for ( i = 0; stringi >= ‘0’ && stringi month = 9;
datePtr->day = 25;
datePtr->year = 2004;
printf (“Today’s date is %i/%i/%.2i.
datePtr->month, datePtr->day, datePtr->year % 100);

return 0;


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