Overall, education can lead to improved health and well being, as well as reduced risk for premature death. Students who are involved in higher education have a better chance at thriving in life. The quality od education helps students become more aware of possible career opportunities, healthy literacy, understanding the resources available to them and more.Individuals with more education are more likely to exercise, drink less alcohol, and seek preventive health care when needed( ). The students who are unaware of the financial resources will not continue with their education, taking away from their growth in other opportunities. Schools, in certain locations, do lack the financial resources, putting those students at a disadvantage such as testing performance ad academic performance. The schools that have the e least financial resources will tend to lack counselor support to help students select a college, apply for admission, and identify financial aid options( ). There are a number of strategies to address the disadvantages by Strengthening the curriculum in primary and secondary public schools may better prepare students for college. Also, by Peer and faculty mentoring can help students apply to schools, secure financial aid, and feel a sense of community.


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