Over the last few years

Over the last few years, outsourcing has taken an interesting toll on United States economics. One need only to look to U.S. debt and its connection to outsourcing and its impacts. With the combined effects of the 9/11 attacks and China’s entrance to the WTO under the Bush control, we’ve watched our own employment drop sharply while our debt has climbed sharply, all while the percentage of our material imports become Chinese

After George W. Bush took office in 2001, the September 11 attacks occurred , and shortly after that, China signed into the WTO in mid December. These events forced America to rely more on outsourcing for its imports while it focused tax dollars on waging war in the middle east. In turn, over time, the U.S. debt compared to the total percent of the U.S. GDP rose from slightly below 60% to well above 80%.

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