One to One Communication

One to One Communication:
In this assignment, I am a volunteer at a nursing home demonstrating communication skills through interactions in health and social care, describing their effects. I am going to be describing and explaining my one to one communication skills with a staff member which is the manager of the care home. She talks to me about the rules and regulations. This conversation was a brief 3 minute talk, in the office.
The moment I stepped into the care home, I was greeted by the manager with a smile and a handshake. Because she smiled at me, I had felt calm and my nerves were gone. The handshake had to be firm which was effective because we were both introducing ourselves and it was a good thing that my hands were not sweaty and sloppy because it shows that I am interested at working in the care home. Because of this, I was able to speak confidently with her.
To improve on my communication, it is important that I kept my posture up because I was kind of slouching which shows that I was kind of bored. I have to keep my posture up so that the manager knows that I am very eager to start working. The manager was telling me everything I needed to know and my verbal communication was effective because I asked appropriate questions relating to the rules and regulations of the care home. In order to show my understanding, I clarified questions by repeating them to show that I had been actively listening and paying enough attention and the manager was more than happy to repeat them back to me.
My non-verbal communication was effective because I was able to use facial expressions to express how I felt about working at the nursing home. The manager was not able to decipher my facial expressions because they were mixed and I was not smiling which made her think that I may not be wanting to work in the nursing home which I had to keep on smiling to let her know that I am friendly towards other people and that I do want to work in her nursing home. The language used was formal because we were in a professional workplace so I couldn’t speak informally even though I may have a little bit but to improve that I must be confident to speak formally and pronounce my words properly.
Group Communication:
Volunteering at my first day at the nursing home, I am surrounded by service users in the lounge area which was quite loud as the TV was on, loud chatting as visitors were here and someone playing the piano. I am having a group communication with the residents about bingo, which I am going to be describing and explaining my group communication skills with the residents of the care home.
For my group conversation, I believe that my verbal and non-verbal communication were effective because everyone had understood me and that because I was part of their group, I had to make sure that no one has gotten confused over my babbling as it was kind of a loud place we were in. I had to speak clearly and loudly because some people were hard of hearing and I was too quiet where I would get complaints from service users to speak up. To improve on this, I had to be confident in my surroundings and speak loud but in a tone that would not upset the residents. Also when speaking to service users, I had given them time to answer questions I had asked to them. This was effective because some people did not feel that much pressure to give me an answer straight away and took all the time in the world.
Because it was my first day at the nursing home, I was kind of nervous so my pace of speech was very fast. This was ineffective as I would have confused looks from residents clarifying on what I had just said. So in order to improve, I had to calm down and speak in a normal tone and voice which was effective because everyone could hear me clearly. About the game bingo, everyone who was involved in this conversation all had something to say which was effective because no one was left out and that also we heard many different viewpoints from different people.
Although there was another resident sleeping, everyone was able to communicate. We had good space in between us which is good because no one felt scared or small and looking at each other with smiles made everything feel okay because everyone was paying attention and listening attentively. Most of the service users had enjoyed my company because I had made them laugh, which I have received feedback that I was doing well with the residents. Other things I needed to improve myself were to sometimes to listen attentively because there were a few times I struggled to understand the residents myself.
In conclusion, I found that my group interaction with service users and one-to-one communication with a member of staff was in fact both effective as I mostly showed effective verbal communication by the way in which I spoke which was by using appropriate language and non-verbally I used appropriate proximity of 2-3 meters and non-threatening body language which I found was the most affective since I have found that 7% of an individual’s communication is in fact verbal whist 93% is non-verbal. This proves that my communication and service users and the staff member I had communicated with were very effective within communication. But I believe that the group communication was much for easier for me. This is because everyone had chipped in to talk about something whereas in the one to one it was only 2 people and it was hard because I really didn’t have much to say as the manager did all the talking.


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