On the Sidewalk Bleeding

On the Sidewalk Bleeding, brings the cliche “don’t judge a book by its cover” to life, with the situation of a sixteen year old boy named Andy. The story gives very little description in terms of Andy’s physical attributes, but a picture was provided. Andy’s depiction in the image showed him to be fair skinned. He had medium length dark hair and a small frame. “Royals” was imprinted on the back of the purple silk jacket that he was sporting. After he had been relentlessly stabbed by a rival gang member in an alley, blood stained his side and filled his mouth. His eyes became desperate at the moment he realized that he may die. Andy could be considered a very dynamic character. Lots of personal traits about Andy are attainable through his thinking throughout the story. Andy’s personality took a completely different shape by the end of the story. He began the as a proud member of a gang called “the Royals.” He enjoyed attending parties, Clubs (jumps) and smoking. In contrast to his rough gang member type of lifestyle he was also a soft lover. His perceptions all changed dramatically when he realized he would die in the alley. Upon realizing that he is dying and that he does not want to be identified as just another gang member. Andy struggles to remove the purple jacket that identifies him as a Royal; the jacket that he once loved to wear he came to loath. It wasn’t Andy that the knife was trying to kill but the jacket. Andy realized that he was only sixteen and that he had so much ahead of himself and so many things he hadn’t done and seen. The former Royal gang member now longed to be Andy again. He was in love with Laura and now he needed her more than ever.


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