On 1 March 1996

On 1 March 1996, Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad was founded. This company is a Malaysia based holding company. Since November 1996, this company with stock code of 7544 and then listed in Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Kuching, Malaysia is the company of headquartered. This company of business is diversified related business because this firm supply the manufacturing of production for their building and construction industry for developing their property development.
This company is doing business of manufacturing of concrete. In summary, this company include of 5 segment. There are manufacturing, investment, trading, quarry operation and property development. The segment of manufacturing and premixing of this company make effort on production and sale of concrete products, woven polypropylene bags, sawmilling, ready-mixed concrete, polyethylene pipes, polyethylene liners and downstream timber products. The largest part of the group business is manufacturing segment. In investment segment, Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad focus on investment holding and provides management services. This investment segment also providing financial backing to the associated company and subsidiary companies. In trading segment, including general trading and also the one of the authorised CMS Cement Dealer. In part of quarry operation involve of extracting and sale of aggregates. In Sarawak, product quarry providing for building industry and construction. In segment of property development, focus in Sarawak of commercial properties and development of residential


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