Nowadays, online review is not a strange concept to people anymore. In fact, 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business. Knowing the importance of online reviews, many businesses spend a good amount of time on maintaining a high star-rating on those most popular review sites to attract more customers. So why online reviews become such a big thing? This project will give you an answer for that. First, I will pick a property that I would love to know. Then I will look at their online reviews on my favorite website, not only positive reviews but also bad, negative reviews. From that to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Last but not least, creating a plan to address the comments internally, and considering how to improve and keep their good works. The property that I choose to analyze is Houston Marriott Westchase. A friend of mine is working here and listening of many fun, crazy, stressful stories about the hotel and especially the restaurant where he is working, has raised my curious about this property. The hotel locates at 2900 Briarpark Dr, Houston, Texas 77042 USA. It’s a big property with 600 rooms. Daily room rate varies on season. During September and October, a Junior suite is $179/night; a 1 King bed or 2 Queen beds room is $119/night and a 1 King bed president suite is $1200/night.
Today, there are thousands of online review sites on the internet which customers can log in and search information about the business they would like to visit even before they actual step on that property. Unlike other websites out there, Yelp-your local city guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax, has been one of the most popular internet rating and review sites for local businesses since 2004. We all know the power of word-of-mouth, however, with thousands of new restaurants go to operation every day, how could an individual know which businesses to trust. For this reason, Yelp was born and successful develop thank to the trust customers put in them. Unlike other sites which are cluttered with spam and ads, Yelp concentrates on showing honest reviews from customers about places they have been through.
For this project, I decided to take ten recently reviews during 2017 and 2018 timeframe. I will not choose random reviews. Instead, I will go over all the reviews in the past two years and pick ten that reflect the customer’s real opinions, which might be good, satisfying, relaxing or bad, terrible experiments during their stays at the hotel. It can be about their facilities, staffs, but not limited to their services, customer services, … By looking this way, I can find out what are the biggest problems that the hotel is having and what are some excellent works they have been done.


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