Novel-Time Machine Author -H

Novel-Time Machine
Author -H.G Wells
The book which I selected was ‘Time machine’ and it was written by H.G Wells and it is a science fiction. And it was published in the year 1895.The publisher of this book was William Heinemann. This novel was later made into a movie and the cover artist was Ben Hardy. The utmost characters of this novel are: The Narrator -Mr.Hillyer
Weena- Eloi girl
Narrator’s friends
Eloi-human like creatures
Morlocks -man eaters
These are the main characters of this novel. The time traveller is fond of making Time machine. Working on it with several years at last he invented a time machine and he introduces it to his friends. But they did not believe in him about time machine. By their response he need to prove them about this thing. So, he sat on the time and travels to 802,701 A.D.By this process he goes to future. Then he went out of time machine there he saw many buildings and improvements in all technology. There he saw two types of living creatures one was Eloi and other was Morlocks. The Eloi were human like creatures and there are similar to other .Eloi are the human like creatures and they were eating fruits,vegetables and breads.There hair were in brown colour all the men and women are alike the same.Eloi were afraid of Morlocks. Morlocks are many eaters and they live in under ground and they are afraid of sunlight. They hunt humans in night so Eloi were afraid of Morlocks. The time traveller is very thirsty so he went to a near by river there he saw a girl who was drowning. He helped the girl and her name is Weena and she is very grateful to him. They became friends.That night there was a war between Eloi and Morlocks.At that time the time traveller was very much afraid he wanted to address the he is searching for his time machine but the time machine is not in the place where he left.He is very afraid that time Weena and the time traveller were chased by Morlocks. They were running around during the night time.They were hurted by them that time Weena was several wounded so she lost her consciousness and little by little she was dying.At last she died and the time traveller is very much missing her.He left her there in those places of Morlocks.He was searching for each and every places.And last he found time machine.He gets into the time machine and he travelled to the present. That,time all their friends were altogether and discussing about the missing of the time traveller . while that time the time traveller rushed out the door and he cane in with a torn dresses and with dirty shoes.All their friends was very much shocked to see him in this situation.They were asking for the reason and the time traveller explained that happenings very clearly to their friends and they were very much excited by hearing these information.At last they believed in the time traveller.These were my reviews on this novel time traveller . Being a science fiction novel it satisfied the readers mind a lot by its imaginative ideas. This novel was made into a movie and it’s animation reviews and ideas visually gives a treat to the viewers.From this novel we understand the time traveller’s possibility and his hard working positiveness in this character and his everlasting love on his friend Weena is also portrait in a discipline manner.Eventhough his friends were not supporting him at the first he had a self confidence within him.The time traveller’s confidence and self empowerment are the most valuable qualities which I like the most.These were the reviews of the novel Time Machine.


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