“No Secrets no more So what ‘No Secrets’ provided was guidance for local authorities

“No Secrets no more
So what ‘No Secrets’ provided was guidance for local authorities. It recommended that local area safeguarding boards be set up to ensure agencies such as police and social services work together to protect people. Though this was statutory guidance, it wasn’t the law itself. What that has meant is that other legislation would need to be relied upon to provide legal clout for any actions decided on. So, for example, in terms of assessment of someone’s needs to see if they fell in to the definition of a vulnerable adult, then someone would need to be eligible for an assessment under the NHS and Community Care Act 1990. If someone was suspected of an offence involving abuse of a vulnerable adult, the police would consider use of the criminal law. Most significantly since the ‘No Secrets’ guidance was issued we have had the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which provides for decisions to be made in the interest of people who lack the capacity to make those decisions themselves, including decisions about how to protect themselves from abuse. As part of the introduction of the new Care Act, the ‘No Secrets’ guidance will be cancelled.”


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