Name: Bilawal AliERP# 17278
Group name: Six men in twelve Eyes.


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My Family Background.

Their village Life.
My ancestor’s relations with Balochi people.

Migration from village to City.

My Residence.

My village Ghiabi Dero and its History.
My city Larkana and historical events related to it.

About Me up-to this age.
College Life.

My secret involvement in JSQM (jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz).

My first tour to outside Sindh and involvement in NGO (Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Murree, Muzaffarabad district of Kashmir).

Journey to IBA.

Family Background:
My grandfather father married a Balochi woman as he was gone to Baluchistan in search of work with his friend. It was love marriage, when he returned home his father got too much disappoint and said to my grandfather, “leave the house we will not accept Balochi women as your wife”. My grandfather father replied, “I cannot live without her”.

So, he leaves the house along with one of his friend and moved to Kacho (a barren and mountain region about 60 kilometers in the west of Ghaibi Dero). My grandfather was born there, and he was the only son of his father. He was a man with a business mind. He sells land there as it became the village after some time. My grandfather then comes to Ghaibi dero and buy some acres of land for farming and to live. After a short time, he started the business of selling the land of villagers to the investors. Eventually became the well-known person in the village. Sardar of village at that time was Nawab Ghaibi chandio seeing this offered him a post of Kamdar (a good post) to work for him. My grandfather accepts that offer with great joy and started working for him. He has 4 sons and 3 daughters. He died in his early age when my father was just 12 years old.

My youngest uncle wad killed at the age of 24 years as he refused to give 4th part of crop to the sardar of the village. After that my eldest uncle also killed on of their man and the fight started. I was 6 years old at that time it was tragic incidence for our whole family to see our uncle dead (he was the only son of grandfather who is educated). My elder uncle flew to Saudi Arabia with his family. We leave the village and migrated to Larkana. We lost almost everything money, land and lastly our house too. (Which we got back after six years of fighting). Larkana was populated city at that time and my father work as a labor there. After some time he became the bus driver.
My Village: Ghaibi Dero

Ghaibi dero also called Jagir(Property of Landlords) is located 60 kilometers west of Larkana. It links with Hamal lake. The first chieftain of the village was Nawab Ghaibi, so it is called Ghaibi dero. Most of the people belong to chandio caste and the current sardar of Ghaibi dero is Nawab Ghaibi Sardar khan Chandio. He had been also the member of the provisional Assembly from May 2013 to 2018.

Origin of Chandio caste and Ghaibi dero:
The first chandio tribe who left the mountains of Baluchistan especially from Kalat and Dhadar Bolan due to Baloch genocide fight between Rind and Lashari this tribe came to Koh-e-Suleman areas of D.G Khan. The chief of the tribe Sardar Harian Khan Baloch build a new village in the name of his beautiful younger son Ahmed Khan Chandio and was commonly known as Kot Ahmed Khan. This village at present is called Kotla Ahmed Khan near Dera Ghazi Khan, and the grave of this Sardar is in the boundary wall of Pir Shakhi Sarwar  near D.G Khan. The Grandson of Sardar Harian Khan who after completing education from Iraq lead the tribe was Sardar Suleman Khan Chandio and famously being known as Sardar Sreman Khan Chandio who after the request of the Army Chief of Sindh Doulah Darya Khan Lashari migrated from Dera Ghazi Khan to mountains of Khirther, the area where this family lived was called Chandka region, which is in the Qambar-Shahdadkot, Larkana and Dadu districts.
Sir Nawab Ghaibi Khan Chandio was also awarded the title of Nawab by Britishers in late 19s by Lord Mount Batten. The British government later paralyzed the status of the Chandka region. Chandio’s oldest base village is Ghaibi Dero and most dominated village is Rais Haji Bhanbho Khan Chandio.

This picture is of Ghaibi khan chandio with the Mount Batten. When he was awarded the title of Nawab.
Historical places of Ghaibi Dero:
Ghaibi Dero Graveyard

It is a very huge graveyard.
Khenji River also called Hamal Lake:

It makes a head start from 1508 m (5000 ft) high peak Machhul and causes flash floods during rains. This point is also called as Toshangi/ Tushangi in the shape of a natural pond. From this pond one can see the Khenji making a Y; hence it’s called Treshangi, meaning ‘Three Barched’ corrupted to Toshangi or Tushangi. Due to some prehistoric earthquakes walls of this channel fell no less than 200 meters to the water below. From this point, unseen by mortal man, the Khenji River, not entirely 50 Kilometers in length, is borne inside the abyssal womb of primordial Limestone fed by myriad hidden springs of Khirthar. This is what H.T. Lambrick, a British Archeologist and Civil Servant (1940) had called the Grand Canyon of Sindh. Toshangi is reached from Larkana. From Larkana a road goes westwards to the town of Kambar and then further to the village of Garhi Khair Muhammad Kartio and the last stop on this paved road is the town of Ghaibi Dero. Ghaibi Dero is 64 km (39.3 miles) from Larkana.
 Ghaibi Dero also lies at the head of the Khenji River. From here a jeep track follows Khenji River westwards for an hour’s jeep journey (other choice is to travel by camel) until it reaches a village called “Rahu jo Aitho”. This little village is the starting point of Toshangi gorge. Salman Rashid visited Khenji River in 1990s

Mountain Region which links Ghaibi Dero with Baluchistan
Ghaibi Dero wild farm:

My City: Larkana
From last 10 years I am living in Larkana. I have wandered every corner of Larkana for years from my home to Mohenjo Daro. I have observed a lot of things of Larkana as a citizen of this city. Larkana is the fourth largest city of Sindh province. Larkana’s old name is Chandika. Larkana was renowned for its production of cloth in those days. Its product of cloth was shifted from Mohen-Jo-Daro to the rest of countries via water ways, in the meantime the same cloth was used for in Egypt. Thus credit for unparalleled technological advancement of Mohen-Jo-Daro goes to its trade of cloth. Aryans had come to Sindh in 2234 B.C. and settled in different part of Sindh, and while crossing Larkana, reached Bhanbhoor.  HYPERLINK “” o “Jhokar-jo-Daro (page does not exist)” Jhokar-jo-Daro is proof of Aryan visit. Different people came in Sindh but non could eliminate the tradition of Aryans till teachings of Gotam Bodh spread in 480’s B.C whose proof is found in Moen-jo-Daro that was a center of worship for Buddhism. Chandias were rewarded heavily for their contribution. It was in this period that Larkana was named as Chandka. However, after demise of Jam Nizamuddin, Shah Beg Argon started ruling over Sindh. Larkano city is purely result of Construction of Canal “Ghaar Wah”. In the late 16th century, Kalhora  started their rule century, Kalhora started their rule. In their rule, Shah Baharo was a ruler of Larkano in Kalhora period Sindhi language rose to its peak, especially in the period of Mian Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan Kalhoro Sahb. After end of Kalhora rule, period of Talpur came and Nawab Wali Mohammad Khan was made Governor of Larkano.

In 1843 the English occupied Sindh and divided Sindh in three parts namely Karachi, Hyderabad and Shikarpur. Larkana was the part of Shikarpur and Dadu was part of Larkana. In 1930 Dadu was made a separate district and Larkana got its present shape during Historic movement for Pakistan. Larkanians took active role in movement of Khilafat and Higrat so overall Larkana is always been the center of political activity in Sindh.

Peoples of Larkana as I seen (Hindus, Christians):
When I first came in Larkana it was difficult for me to absorb the new place, new peoples but I find people very helpful. There are different peoples of religions are living together. Specially Hindus and Christians. Hindus are not interested in the politics but the rich people of Larkana are Hindus. As they handled the most famous and costy businesses as Jewelers, Hotels, Cloth Markets, Merchants, professors, Principals, Doctors. All the Hindus of the city are united, and they have their own welfare organization which help for the poor of their community. When I was in 1st year of college the most famous and best teachers of the college were Hindus. My own teachers were Sir Basant Kumar(Math’s) Sir Ram Chand (Chemistry) and sir Udham Das(Physics). No one calls them Hindus but called them Dewan (a good word used for a Hindu’s in Larkana) due of their respect.

Temple Attack: 15th march
It was Thursday when I was returning home I saw some people were gathered at the chowk planning for something. I tried to head towards the mob they were talking that a Hindu who has torn the pages of history. As someone fled this one day before. They were just discussing that he should be hanged even though they were not aware of the reality that what was happened. The rumor was that someone find the burnt pages of Holy Quran in a garbage bin near the home of the hindu man on the night of 15th march. On the day of 15th march, this rumor surrounded the city almost above 200 extremists gathered outside the hindu temple dharmshala. As the people come to see this from all over the city. Suddenly one man in the mob entered the temple by unlocking the door by pressure. He set fire by chanting Takbeer slogan. I was shocked people were throwing the bottles of fires. On seeing the situation fire surround the whole temple just in 30 minutes. No one was there to protect it. After an hour Police came and through tear gas shield on mob to disperse it and not to harm the temple more. But as I seen it was heavily surrounded with fire. After the incidence muslim claimed it as work of mischievous people. Larkana’s Hindu Panchayat President expressed her shock and sorrow over the incident. “I strongly condemn the desecration of the Holy Quran and demand the accused be punished if he really has committed blasphemy, but what was the purpose of attack on temple”. After the attack Muslim scholar meet the president of panchayat and encouraged him that this type of things will not happen in future.

Holi celebration: 16-17th march
The incidence has passed just one day and the accused man were arrested who harm the temple. Hindu protested to celebrate the Holi and begun a peace rally and protested in front of the Larkana press The deputy commissioner came and talked them. DC also sat in the protest and until you will not celebrate the Holi we will be sitting together with you. It was amazed to see the D.C with police personals sitting on the road everyone was saying to the Panchayat that this will not happen again. We all are with you and this city can’t run without your contribution. Finally, they agreed and it was the first time that Holi was celebrated on the streets of Larkana publicly. Main road from S.P chowk to Larkana bakery was teemed with people throwing colors at each other I also participated in this with my friends and was really a enjoyous movement. We have a lot fun I returned home and late in the evening on that day. My father was shocked to see the colors on my school uniform and angrily asked where you were. I told him the whole story my father is soft hearted and condemned the temple the attack and said Son they all are like us and we all are human and brothers of each other. Whatever the religion they belong, humanity is more than religion. It was a really a memorable day for me.
Political History of Larkana as I seen it:
Most of the people think of Bhutto family or Pakistan People’s Party when the they talk about Larkana. Though Larkana is the main city of PPP but still there are lot of others parties who opposes PPP. Lets see the how the creation of other parties came into being. When Zulifqar Bhutto formed the PPP it works for the rights of labors and poor. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in his speeches, regarding Larkana said that he is going to make it the Paris of Pakistan. After the death of Zulifqar Bhutto His daughter Benazir Bhutto became the Prime minister of Pakistan, in his years Larkana was in its growing position. Hospitals, schools, roads, even two universities constructed in Larkana. Benazir hoped to complete her father’s dream during her lifetime but life had something else planned for her. On the contrary, various opposition parties have compared Larkana to the likes of Mohen-jo-daro claiming that the state of the streets of Larkana is no better than that of ancient city. The reality, on ground, however, is very different. Larkana is neither the Paris, nor the Mohen-jo-Daro of Sindh. So, what actually Larkana looks like? But when Benazir was killed and Asif zardari become the president of Pakistan. The whole Larkana changed there was no merit only those people who have relations with politicians got good positions on every level. JSQM again was gaining his power and this party slogan is Azad Sindhu Desh (They called them freedom fighters of Sindh). Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam. Most of the honest political leader stood independent candidates. I think this is the last time PPP won the election of 2018 by topnotch copetition with other parties.
College Life:
After competing my matric I got admitted in Govt: college Larkana. The teacher were good but the administration was not strict. It was very for everyone to cheat in board exams. I also cheated in exams. Though education minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro was living just beside the degree college and never take any notice.
My secret involvement in JSQM (jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz).

When I was in first of my college the conditions of Larkana were very bad. Corruption was surround the whole city. I started to hate Pakistan peoples part and began to attending the sessions of JSQM. They were the common people always discussing the common issue of poor peoples of Larkana. I started to follow this party after a long time I became the member of this party in operations. After that the one who is ready and brainwashed. They organize separate sessions and I was amazed to hear that they all were against Pakistan. Distribute people on their caste as Punjabi are our enemies blah blah. After some investigation that this party is also funded by anti-Pakistan peoples. So it leave me in grief and I was shocked. I left the party and did not take any part any other party ahead.

My first Tour Outside Sindh and involvement in NGO: When I was in my second year of college I work for a NGO as a volunteer. This NGO was working for the human rights. I started taking an effective part and they offered me the job of 15000 thousand salary. I planned the road trip from Larkana Kashmir with some of my friends. I saved enough money to visit famous cities of Pakistan. I went to Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and finally Kashmir I was amazed to see the bright side of Pakistan. As I have a thought that Pakistan is a terrorist country giving hostages to many terrorists. But after visiting Islamabad, Murree and Muzafrabad (Azad Kashmir). I find Pakistan safe country as media has always show me its black side.

My journey to IBA:
When I completed my Intermediate, I applied in different universities. Some one told me that IBA Karachi also provide scholarship to needy students. So, I applied in NTHP (National Talent Hunt Program) offered by IBA Karachi all over the Pakistan and thousands of needy students also give the test of IBA. Just about 200 hundreds of students were selected all over the Pakistan. I have no idea of IBA Karachi but when I was shortlisted for IBA Karachi to attend the 2 months of training program. In these two months they teach us math and English and make us able to pass the final Entry test to get admission in IBA for four years on 100% scholarship. With the grace of Almighty Allah I cleared the final test and only 47 students cleared the test and got admission in different programs My journey to IBA is very strange. No one can believe from our relatives that son of a farmer can study in the Pakistan best business institute and I made it. IBA has totally changed my life.


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