My anxiety to study law was increased by securing a placement with DLA Piper

My anxiety to study law was increased by securing a placement with DLA Piper. This placement enabled me to

interact with solicitors and gain an insight to various aspects of the legal profession such as will drafting and family law

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I decided to observe the process of justice first hand having explored it somewhat already in A-level English Literature and indeed through personal research. I found that my work experience in a local Solicitor’s firm

undertook a work experience placement at a local Solicitor’s firm which gave me some insight into some of the more ordinary and routine aspects to the Law and the work of a solicitor. I sat in on client consultations, had a go at drafting legal documents and visited both County and Magistrates courts.

The opportunity to work alongside people who have dedicated their lives to the law has strengthened my resolve to study law and given me the confidence to make a well-informed decision

Throughout my school life, I have maintained an independent, self-motivated approach to my studies. Having studied a broad range of A Level subjects, I feel I have acquired a wide variety of skills: from Mathematics and Physics I have learnt the art of questioning the world around us and developing a keen sense of intellectual curiosity; from English Literature and General Studies I have understood the importance of expressing myself clearly and concisely through words; whilst from ICT I have developed a sound understanding of an area which is playing an increasingly important role in society

Aside from schoolwork I have a strong passion for rugby, representing and captaining my school and district at all levels as well as participating in a sports tour to South Africa. My other interests include football, cricket and I am a keen chess player, competing during the tour to South Africa

History is probably the school subject that best prepares me for the study of Law, since studying the past helps me make sense of the world we live in today. Through examination of source material, I have developed analytical skills, helping me understand the perspective of others and assess the significance of a date, statement or audience

Therefore, I plead guilty in wanting to study Law at your university and believe I will be a suitable candidate for the course.


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