Mukharram Nabieva Language Arts October 9

Mukharram Nabieva
Language Arts
October 9, 2017
WANTED poster CLEvR paragraph.

Thunderbolt & Zeus.

Zeus is a Greek god that has overthrew his father Cronus, and he won the draw between his brothers on who should be the next god sitting on the throne. The symbol that best represents Zeus is Lightning bolt, because Zeus and Lighting bolt have a lot in common, for example Lightning bolt gets angry and can strikes everything on its way, so as Zeus, one example of Zeus is he strikes Phaethon immediately after seeing him driving the Golden chariot instead of Apollo.

Another reason why Lightning bolt is the symbol of Zeus, is because Zeus is mostly symbolized as an eagle, an oak tree, and a bull, so as lightning bolt.
So now we know that Zeus has overthrew his father to gain the throne and the power to be the Gods of the Olympian, and to be very powerful, and that his symbol is Thunderbolt, because the both have very similar attitude.