Muddiest Point Name Institution Instructor Course Date After Reviewing the Syllabus

Muddiest Point
After Reviewing the Syllabus, What Do You Feel Is the “Muddiest” Point and Describe How You Will Work Through the Challenge
One of the muddiest points on the syllabus is the difference between research and evidence based practice projects. Most of the subtopics and explanations involved the evidence-based practice without going into much detail to the research based practice, which is also important in a healthcare organization. The research based practice should be well explained, its application, and the benefits it can provide to an institution. The PICOT format is a challenge to apply when using the research based intervention.
This challenge can be addressed by provision of more research notes on the research-based practice, which will help to better understand the aspect and how it is different from evidence-based practice. Discussions with fellow students and assignments will help in diversifying the knowledge about research-based practice. Lecturers can provide feedback on assignments regarding the topic and help students with the corrections retesting them if they have understood the topic well. More time can be allocated to address the difficult or unclear topics with the lecturer giving the students time to ask questions regarding their difficult areas. Peer reviewed articles should be availed to students and an easy access to the articles provided. Lecturers should solve any pending issues before proceeding to the next topic since these topics interrelate and students with unanswered questions may find a challenge in the continuous flow of ideas for the next topics.


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