Mobile technology has been advancing at a very fast pace

Mobile technology has been advancing at a very fast pace. Smartphones have become mainstream and many consumers use mobile phones to view product reviews, make price comparisons, and find information about products while they are shopping in-store. With consumers increasingly using technology on the go, a company’s Digital Marketing Strategy must be designed to take full advantage of this consumer trend.

With an increasing percentage of consumers using the Internet on-the-go, having a mobile version of a website helps a business reach out to consumers across all devices connected to the Internet. To ensure that customers and potential customers instantly land on the mobile version of the site when they are using their mobile devices, businesses must ensure their sites are mobile friendly. Having a mobile website also helps in the search engine optimization (SEO) of sites; as multiple pages index to the main website, the main website’s organic ranking increases. In order to obtain this level of optimization on mobile sites, the team must understand the features and constraints of smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices, and design and develop their sites accordingly.

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Mobile, tablet, and other Internet-enabled devices (such as smartwatches) are personal devices that often form a large part of a company’s Digital Marketing Strategy. A company can use these platforms for one-to-one communication with its audience. For some businesses, it also makes sense to have a localized application for specific devices such as Internet-enabled health monitoring devices and smartwatches. This technology helps businesses communicate with their users based on individual preferences, which helps to build brand loyalty.


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