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Michelle Kim
Mr. Sanders
Modern World History (2nd period)
18 September 2018
The Invention of Computers
Since people came up with the idea of computers, there were a myriad of influential impacts on the world. Wider usage of computers made our lives effortless and uncomplicated when being juxtaposed to former times. The establishment of computers have variated people’s lifestyles considerably, by benefiting the government, elaborating the economy, and providing an efficient way of distributing time to people.

Computers are implicated to governmental use in an advantageous way since the past till now. “In 1953, UNIVAC Scientific at the White Sands Missile Range handled computing and analyzing data that were taken from each missile firing, and turning out results fast enough to make modifications for the next firing.” Computers were used to scrutinize accurate missile information, which only the government were able to do so. They can perform repetitious tasks faster than people, which is the proof of being engaged in military at present days. During WWI, when the French knew the existence of tanks, they realized the importance of this mobility in war and began inventing their own. This weapon, with a cannon, allowed the French to barricade Paris from German’s invasion. Computers aided the government by analyzing the data faster than humans can, and the tanks also aided the French in WWI by assisting their army.

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As the technology is developing, the economy is becoming more reliable on computer technology than in the past. This increased reliance, in turn, have promoted the countries’ economy to a higher standard. In the United States, “from 1995 through 1999, real gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of more than 4 percent and an obvious candidate is the high-tech revolution spreading through the U.S. business sector.” According to Douglass C. North and Robert Paul Thomas, a similar situation occurred when agriculture had emerged in human history. This event, known as the Neolithic Revolution, occurred as people learned the modus operandi of agriculture and started food production. After they understood the methods of cultivating food crops, their culture shifted from a hunting and gathering society to a settled agricultural society. This change led them to begin trading with others for resources required in survival and resulted in increased food productivity.

After the computers were invented, it became easier for people to save and manage time. “Since the twentieth century, computers have changed the way people relate to one another and their living environment, as well as how humans organize their work, their communities, and their time.” The roles of these technical mechanisms are crucial in our daily lives as people complete most of the assignments through the computer. “In the twenty-first century, computers are used in almost every field of society.” Before the printing press was innovated by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439, people had to publish books by their own hand writing. This sort of method was highly inefficient until the printing press was introduced to the world. This machine has contributed to humans’ cultural lives by significantly reducing the amount of time needed to write documents.

Some people may argue that computers do have negative effects, which mainly is computer addiction. As people are addicted, they may avoid social activities to have more time available on computers. This, in turn, will cause him/her relationships to disintegrate. Although these data are true, investing much time on computer guides that person to become specialized in certain topic and to become knowledgeable. Therefore, computer addiction does not always bring negative consequences, but also positive.

The invention of computers can be said the most significant paradigm shift in modern era. Its frequent use among people and its access to innumerable information helps to develop the intelligence degree and the skill to regulate time.

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