Mesopotamia Mesopotamia has developed how they maintain things


Mesopotamia has developed how they maintain things. They did this so it was easier for them to live in one place and not move around in search of food. Hammurabi’s code is also very important for this civilization because they had their own laws that would describe details of crimes, there were specific punishment/procedure for the crime committed.These laws were important to them because it kept them together like a civilization they were. This code is also important to our society today because it influenced the laws we have at this period of time.

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Hammurabi’s code is very important to the civilizations in mesopotamia because these laws were one of the first forms of laws that would help his civilization be a monarchy being controlled by him since he was king of Babylonia. These laws were helpful to them and also cruel because if there was a crime that they had done you would most likely get sentenced to death. However they did make sure that everyone at that time was being fair and considering that time these laws were fair.


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