Menna Ebeidi PHIL201-SEC A Dr

Menna Ebeidi
Dr. Omar Sabbagh
September 20TH, 2018
Before taking this class I was like what in the world does philosophy teach that could possibly be so useful to me, why should I study philosophy, and From a distance philosophy seems weird but then through out the past three weeks we have learned new things such as the intro of philosophy is the understanding of the human knowledge and how the person can express their point of view about something, which I didn’t mind . from what I have read from the lectures and researched I believe that philosophy touches so many subjects and, especially, because many of its methods can be used in any field. From what I’ve seen from the notes and printouts that The study of philosophy helps us to strengthen our ability to solve problems, and our communication skills. What I like about the lecture notes that it serves many definitions, the importance of philosophy, introduction the Nature/Meaning of the Philosophical, the domain of philosophy, the big names in ‘philosophy’ such as Plato, Descartes and their texts which I found interesting because it talks about Plato’s soul body dualism, and Descartes’ mind body dualism and It examines the relationships between humanity and nature and between the individual and society, but to be honest the text is still kind off complicated to me because there is a lot of theories and ideas going on there and the words used in the text is really hard to understand, which I had to look up, and I couldn’t quite understand what I was reading at the beginning. I find the opinions of Plato and Descartes are similar and at the same time different. According to Plato we see shadows instead of real objects, while according to Descartes we control objects through reason, both Plato and Descartes theories end in the same way. In my point of view Philosophy is just like the lenses which we can look through at the people or places around us, judge them, and make decisions about our future or action and relating to the world around you. I am actually imagining if the worlds greatest philosophers were alive today how would they be in this society or generation were they still going to hold on to their beliefs and theories or change it completely.
What I don’t get is when the person questions themselves like why I am or why ” Beings” and asking about the existence of existence as whole ? when everything about life, existence how the world started is defined in the religions and holy books, so we basically do have an idea on how universe started and I see that everything in life has a purpose and a reason. True I might not really like philosophy but I would actually love to know more about the history of philosophy and how it all began, at least to gain more knowledge and I am looking forward to learn more about philosophy’s principles and what the greatest minds over the centuries had to say about life.


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