Melissa Cochran Professor Turner Comp 2 20 September 2018 Word count

Melissa Cochran
Professor Turner
Comp 2
20 September 2018
Word count:
The “Real” value of work
Some people believe that the real value in work is for the money, but I disagree. I think that the real value in work is satisfaction and happiness. There is real value in work when you feel you have meaning and purpose. It defines us as individuals and gives us a sense of importance and fulfillment. Work is defined as “an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” Work can only have “real” value if it produces a successful result. As American’s we value our independence and take pride in taking care of ourselves and our families. While money is a factor, the real value lies in the results of our hard work and persistence.
In Russel Honore’s Work is a Blessing he argues the importance of work because without it we don’t get the things we need. Honore said “people who have jobs can have a home, send their kids to school, develop a sense of pride, contribute to the good of the community, and even help others”. Honore believed in the blessing of work no matter how bad the job was. “Even having a job you hate is better than not having one at all” (Honore). Hard work helps build character and become independent. Honore argues “without work there is disorder and chaos”. I too believe in hard work and the importance of it. While, some see work as a burden or a punishment I see it as a blessing. Work is what you make it. There are people who complain about their jobs, but there are plenty of people who wished they had that job.
I feel there is real value in voluntary work. In the article the real value of voluntary work, is too big to ignore Anthony Hilton writes that “everyone needs money, but satisfaction with life also depends heavily on levels of security or insecurity, feelings of empowerment and self-worth, health, leisure and even the level of inequality in society” I think volunteer work can be very rewarding by assisting others and making meaningful contributions to society. I know the real value of volunteering because I volunteered as a young girl for many summers at a nursing home working with the elderly. Anthony Hilton said, “The overall impact of voluntary work both directly and indirectly on society is astonishing”. I would have to say I agree.

Yet, in Tim Kreider’s The Busy Trap he claims people who are busy have less time for pleasures in life and no time for anything else. He believed it has a negative impact on our lives. Kreider stated, “busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life can not possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day”. I think time is more valuable than money. I too agree that we all can fall into the “busy trap” because maintaining a full schedule gives us meaning in life. However, we should also take time for ourselves and what is really important. “Life is too short to be busy” (Kreider).

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Some minimum wage workers see real value in actually having a job to go to everyday even if it’s not a lot of money. It beats the alternative of not having a job at all. According to Rex Huppke’s minimum Wage Debate his opponent argues that “raising the minimum wage is not a very effective means of addressing poverty.” .Jonathan Guryan a neutral observer said: “If the goal is to reduce inequality or improve the well-being of people currently living in poverty, there are other policies that the evidence suggest would be much more cost effective in the long run, like investing in education, improving funding for things like food stamps and expanding the ETIC”. He explains the risk of raising minimum wage and how it could have a negative outcome. I too agree with his viewpoint on not raising the minimum wage. I think raising it could do more harm than good for some American families who don’t have the same opportunities as others. Getting an education and getting a better paying job is not always an option. Therefore, the workers rely on the minimum wage jobs to support their families. While, raising minimum wage sounds great and could change the value of life for some people ultimately, it could potentially take away jobs due to the employer not hiring as many employees as they did before the minimum raise increase due to increase in labor costs.
To conclude, I believe work standards are an important part of who we are. The value of work is important because it allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment, productivity, and fulfillment as well as providing us with purpose and meaning.
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