Media exposes youths to material which in term affects their choices on a daily basis

Media exposes youths to material which in term affects their choices on a daily basis. Youths/ teenagers are the number one users of the media today. One of the main causes of this media influence on them is celebrity behavior.
Youths everywhere are greatly influenced by media and celebrities. Celebrities are popular among youths because of their glamorous lifestyles. It is agreed that imitating celebrities can be dangerous for youths. This is proven by looking at how health and personality of young people is affected by celebrities as their mentors. As such they possess the influence to change how a teen look at themselves, and on the choices they make, celebs even possess influential power to persuade unnecessary spending (on shoe wear, clothes and jewelry).
As such youths develop a mindset that they can become famous/ a celebrity by dressing and acting as they see actual celebrities do attracting the wrong attention. Although youths can learn about their society through celebrities, the media provoke the negative issues in habits, personality, self-esteem and shopping
Firstly, it is seen that imitating celebrities blindly affects the health of adolescents. Many young people indulge themselves in drugs and start smoking at an early age in attempt to be like as cool as their celebrity role model. This makes it clear that imitating celebrities can have a negative effect on health of young individuals.
Secondly, it is believed that when youth follows celebrities it affects their personality in a bad way. Adolescents follow not only the makeup and attire of their favorite stars but also their behavior cursing expletives, getting all sort of piercings, tattoo and being general mean towards others, this example makes it obvious that these glamorous celebrities have a poor effect on the conduct of young people.


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