Task 1. Names marijuana may be known as-
1. Cannabis indica.

2. Weed.

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3. Herb.

4. Grass.

5. Joint.

6. Hemp.

7. Dank.

8. Houdini.

9. Hash.

10. Ganja.

Task 2. Short-term and long-term effects.

Short term-
1. Increased heart rate- The heart rate increases after the consumption of Marijuana.

2. Altered sleep- Could prevent and weaken sleep.

3. Reduced anxiety and stress- Having marijuana reduces one’s anxiety and stress.

4. Reduced pain- Marijuana weakens the pain signals in the brain.

5. Impaired memory- Marijuana doesn’t affect your old memories but doesn’t let you create new ones.

Long term-
Long term effects also include anxiety, addiction, memory loss, Lung cancer, Depression, Decreased concentration.

Task 3. Definition of key terms-
1. Hemp- Hemp is similar to marijuana but it doesn’t particularly act as a drug. Hemp seeds can be found in salads, hemp oil is also used to make soap and hemp fibres are used for ropes and strings.

2.Cannabis sativa- An annual flowering plant indigenous to Eastern Asia but now of cosmopolitan distribution.

3.Tetrahydrocannabional- This is a chemical which is found in marijuana and this triggers effects on our brain.

4.Depressant- This is a drug that reduces the speed of our nervous system.

5.Hallucinations- When your brain has a perception that something is heard or seen when there is actually nothing.

6.Paranoia- This is a mental disorder which can cause extreme anxiety.

7.Psychosis- This is a mental disorder where people lose a sense of what’s real and what’s not. People also can experience weird and unordinary thoughts.

Task 4. Gateway drugs-
Basically, gateway drugs are substances when consumed opens ways for the consumption of much more dangerous drugs such as meth, heroin and cocaine which can later lead to addiction. Marijuana, alcohol and nicotine can be considered as Gateway drugs.

Task 5. Reasons why people use marijuana-
1. A big reason which causes people to use Marijuana is because of peer pressure from people around them.

2. People also use Marijuana if it is available easily around them.

3. Marijuana is also used as a medicine and can help in treating AIDS, glaucoma, vomiting and physiological disorders.
4. People may also use Marijuana if they have curiosity about it and want to experience how it feels.

Task 7. Marijuana effects om health-
Physical- The cardiovascular system is affected after using this drug. According to reports, our heart rate can increase by almost two times higher than the normal heart rate. Smoking Marijuana can also affect our lungs and cause infection or lung cancer.

Mental- People have reported extreme anxiety after the use of Marijuana. The use of this drug can also cause panic attacks, and also the consumption of this drug can lead to addiction of it or also the addiction of more dangerous drugs.

Social: Use of this drug for a long period of time may also lead to a drop of IQ points. Also this can cause more stress or anxiety if bullied, ignored.

Emotional:  Marijuana can arouse the emotions and moods of aggressiveness, relaxation, happiness, sadness and anger.

Spiritual: Marijuana helps in concentration so a person may be able to engage in advanced meditation or yoga activities.

Task 8. Pressure lines-
1. “Mate, doesn’t matter”, “No, thanks I am good”.

2. “Common bro smoke it with me, it feels so good”, “No thanks”.

3. “Dude, have a shot”, “I am not allowed to do this”.

4. “Marijuana is so good it makes you feel so relaxed. Smoke some bro.” “I don’t take marijuana. It’s not good for you.”
Country: Personal use Medical Use Cultivation 
Australia Illegal, but decriminalized Legal for medical use (with medical necessity only) Legal for medical purposes 
USA Illegal at federal level, but legal in some states Illegal at federal level, but legal in some states Illegal at federal level, but legal in some states 
Pakistan Illegal, but often unenforced Illegal 
Peru Illegal, but decriminalized Illegal
Holland Permitted to be sold and used in some licensed coffee shops. Use of up to 5 grams is decriminalized Illegal Up to five plants is decriminalized 
New Zealand Illegal Only in form of some limited medicines Illegal 
Black tasks 
* Politicians and the media want the public, to believe that marijuana is a “gateway drug” that leads to more dangerous drugs. Although, marijuana is non-lethal and is safer than alcohol. It is an established scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; overdose is nearly impossible, and it is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. Politics and media are very successful in convincing us that marijuana is not a safe drug. They do this by exaggerating its negative side effects and instead of giving proven facts, they use words like ‘may’ or ‘should’ or ‘sometimes’. Some of the things that we know about marijuana are not even true to begin with like the ‘fact’ that it causes brain damage and kills brain cells. In 2005, a new study was conducted which suggested that marijuana might actually stimulate brain cell growth. Unfortunately, that study hasn’t received the same attention. Think about it, have you ever read an article in a newspaper? There is also absolutely no point in having marijuana be illegal because prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of the drug. The government has tried to use penalties to prevent use and production for the past seventy-five years, and still has not succeeded. Legalization of marijuana would shrink the number of arrests due to possession. It would also help our law enforcement to focus more on actual crimes. A regulated and legal market in marijuana would reduce illegal sales and use among teenagers because it wouldn’t be as valuable, and would no longer be a source of easy money to them. 
* The biggest arguments I always hear, is that it will lower crime, boost the economy, and help with medical purposes. First regarding crime. Just because you legalize something won’t lower crime. All you are doing is not calling it a crime anymore. We might as well legalize breaking and entering and thieving cars, this way everyone will have a car and we’ll have less crime. It’s absurd. Second, the economy will not get a boost. Imagine how many lazy people there will be. They won’t be able to work, because they’re completely stunned. People would barely have the energy to get off the couch to do anything. And third, medicinal purposes, so instead of finding the chemical or whatever it is in marijuana that helps people get better, why not just extract that or synthesize it and give that to people who need it… not smoke cannabis. What saddens me is how much time is wasted on debating this topic. It’s not near as important and there are more important things that could be debated. You want to lower crime, stop doing drugs. There will be no more drug dealers if you educate people to not use but stay away. You want to help the economy, don’t throw your money away on drugs. Buy good things for your body, like healthy foods. Which then leads to medicinal purposes, eat well, live well, stay healthy, use money to make better medicine. This whole argument is to justify the unhealthy, addictive, lazy cannabis smokers so that they don’t get arrested or feel guilty that they are stupid enough to smoke marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco should be illegal too. 
* Marijuana is less harmful than any other drug. Like cigarettes, it messes with your lungs. I mean, marijuana would do a little damage, but not that much. Drinking is bad too. Drinking is worse than anything, but people still drink knowing that it does harm. Marijuana should be legalized. That’s what I think. 
* Marijuana is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths in Europe alone. It is a gateway drug that leads to the use of much more hard-core drugs including heroin. One in every 10 marijuana users end up using heroin within 5 months and one in every 2 of these heroin users end up dead within 3 years. 
16(Test & answer) 
1)What is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana? 
* A. Hemp 
* B. Phencyclidine 
* C. Nicotine 
* D. Tetrahydrocannabinol (right) 
* E. Psilocybin 
* F. Nitrogen 
2) On average, how long does it take for a marijuana plant to grow? 
* A. 2 weeks 
* B. 7 weeks 
* C. 2 months 
* D. 3 months (right) 
* E. 6 months 
* F. 1 year 
3) Which of the following is NOT a common use for hemp? 
* A. Concrete 
* B. Sails 
* C. Protein powder (right) 
* D. Clothes 
* E. Housing insulation 
* F. Pipes 
4)It is LEGAL to purchase marijuana in how many states? 
* A. 1 
* B. 2 
* C. 9 (right) 
* D. 4 
5) Marijuana comes from: 
* A. Leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant (right) 
* B. Leaves of the hemp plant 
* C. Roots of the hemp plant 
* D. The seeds of the hemp plant 
6) Weed smoke is ________ than cigarette smoke 
* A. Lighter 
* B. Thicker (right) 
* C. Thinner 
* D. Better 
* E. Less harmful 
As early as 6,000 B.C. cannabis was used in Ancient China as a food source. In 2,737 B.C. the drug was used as medicine to treat gout and rheumatism. Today marijuana is classified as a controlled substance under federal law and roughly 30 percent of Americans arrested for violations are under the age of 19. However, 13 U.S. states allow the use of medicinal marijuana. Whether your marijuana abuse began because of recreational use or your marijuana addiction began after medical use it does not matter. Quitting use of the substance can be an extremely difficult process to do on your own. 
Some people do not believe that their problems are marijuana withdrawal symptoms. This is simply not the case. One of the most common reported symptoms is a strong desire to smoke cannabis. Cannabis withdrawal symptoms can also include irritability and trouble sleeping. All of these symptoms are similar to those experienced when trying to stop using nicotine products. They also have the ability to affect your work and personal relationships. Many people need a patch or some other type of product to free themselves from the nicotine addiction. There are not products out there for marijuana making quitting very hard. That is why you may want to get help dealing with a marijuana abuse problem. 
Marijuana abuse and addiction is a real issue. It can affect your life and the lives of your family members. If you are tired of being a slave to marijuana and want to seek treatment then do not be afraid. There are great marijuana addiction treatment facilities that can help to get you off of drugs and back into a happy free life. 
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