Marijuana in the 1770s was used to grow hemp for clothing

Marijuana in the 1770s was used to grow hemp for clothing, rope, and fishnets; by the 1800s

doctors were using cannabis to treat opiate addiction. The rise of the usage of marijuana has

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increasingly grown over the years. In the United States alone more than 128 million people have

tried marijuana. Over 600,000 US Citizens have been arrested for marijuana possession yearly.

Legalizing recreational marijuana has been brought up to the people’s attention by 2010; many

US states have tried to legalize marijuana, but only two states have legalized the use of

recreational marijuana for adults. The legalization of recreational marijuana has been an issue

of the american citizen with the federal government dating back to the 1900s, the marijuana tax

act was the first cause to stop the United State citizen from smoking marijuana.

Many people of the US believe that the legalization of recreational marijuana will boots the

economy. The industry of legal marijuana has made $7.2 billions in 2016 alone, and has added

millions of dollars in federal taxes from legal marijuana businesses. Legalizing marijuana results

in decrease teen marijuana usage. Colorado teens ages from 12 to 17 years old have reportedly

dropped by 12 percent in just two years after the legalization in Colorado. People under the

influence of marijuana while driving are more cautious than someone under the influence of

alcohol. Studied are showing that drives who are under the influence of marijuana are taking

precautions when driving like less lane changes, or reducing speed. Legalization of marijuana

is already reducing money from the black market, cartels, and street gangs. The US bordal

patrol has stated that marijuana has decreased by millions in pounds. The legalization of

marijuana in colorado and washington has made the Mexican lose about $2.7 billions in profit.

Alcohol and tobacco are well known for giving people cancer, liver damage, and heart failure,

but their legal for people to do. Marijuana has shown no death of marijuana overdose or shown

somebody getting ill from using marijuana, and many people in the US believe that smoking

tobacco is worse than smoking weed.

The opponents believe legalizing recreational marijuana will create steeps cost to society

and taxpers. Society costs of marijuana takes hold on paying increases of emergency visits

medical care, and addiction treatment for the uninsured. People who use marijuana are shown

to get addictive to the drug. As many as four million american are shown to meet the criteria

marijuana use disorder such as abuse, dependence, or addiction. Legalizing recreational

marijuana leads to marijuana related emergency visits. The emergency departments has increased

visits for breathing problems due to inhalation of marijuana, and people often go to the er

because of anxiety attacks or psychotic like symptoms from consuming sweets infused with

marijuana than more marijuana than they were expecting. Marijuana does not only harm the user

but can harm the people around them. Smoking weed can harm the lung tissues and cause

respiratory problems, and second hand marijuana smoke is also dangerous. Smoking one joint of

marijuana is as bad as smoking five tobacco cigarettes because marijuana contains five times

as much carbon monoxide concentration. Growing marijuana can be harmful to the environment

can result in deforestation, habitat destruction, and river diversion. In order for cannabis plants

to grow the cannabis plants require double the amount of water needed to grow grapes or

tomatoes.Growing legal cannabis indoors requires a lot of electricity for heating, lighting, and

Ventilation. The production of growing legal cannabis indoors produces an huge amount of

greenhouse gas emission.

The issue on legalizing recreational marijuana for adults is both sides of have strongly

opinions on whether using legal marijuana is safe or not. I believe that both sides have

strong arguments, but in the end it’s the people’s choice to make the decisions of using

marijuana. Marijuana is a drug so yes it should be only legal for adults only, so it should

be taken care of like any other drug which means going through lab testing to make sure

it’s safe for people to use. The proponents and opponents both have good opinions so they

should both come up with ways to try to figure out what’s best for the people and for the

economy too. If both the proponents and opponents do come up with a way to legalize

marijuana they still need to verify that it’s safe for adults to use and make sure we the people

are informed of how will it affect our economy, and make rules of who can sell and who can

buy marijuana.


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