Many people don’t realize the bad things about zoos

Many people don’t realize the bad things about zoos. We just see them as a tourist attraction, while the animals are just used for our entertainment. Putting animals in zoos is taking the animal’s natural instinct to live in the wild. Some animals are taken in if a species is close to extinction. Some may say zoos are internment camps for animals that can take care of themselves in the wild.
One major issue of zoo captivity, is that the animals are taken from their families and from freedom. Some people don’t understand that animals are just like us. Imagine if you were taken from your family, just be trapped in a tiny enclosure. Animals in captivity suffer loneliness, confinement, and boredom. Small enclosures don’t give animals enough space to roam, climb, hunt, or be with their other species. Enclosures at my local zoo aren’t that big especially if the animals have to share.
Sometimes animals escape their enclosures, endangering themselves or people. Keeping animals for entertainment and money, makes us their enemies and risks our lives. Two years ago, a female elephant at the Moscow Zoo killed her handler due to nervousness while being moved into a truck. These animals are wild animals and ironically the pain caused by confinement has made them even wilder. No matter how good the zoo facility is, the animals will still be miserable.
An example for animals being used for our entertainment is the orcas at SeaWorld. One of the whales, Tilikum, was only two years old when he was taking from his family. Imagine if you were taken from your family at a young age. Many orcas have been killed from people trying to catch the People at SeaWorld say that the orcas having a collapsed dorsal fin is okay, but it isn’t healthy or normal. A collapsed dorsal fin, is when there fin is bent. It’s caused by living in an unnatural habitat and confinement. It’s rare for orcas living in the wild to have that.
Zoos are great in helping endangered species but in terrible conditions. How can zoos show us anything positive? It’s wrong to show people that nature is something that needs to be caged.


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