Many Disney fans live

Many Disney fans live, eat, and breathe this song. Taking the world by storm with its tune, and significant message, let it go from the movie Frozen (Anderson-Lopez). Songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez employs the rhetorical appeals of pathos and ethos effectively. However, there is very little use of logical fallacy. These devices give the audience a comprehensible message about embracing their skills, talent, personality, and to honor who they are.
When the song starts off it involves an argument that draws a conclusion from inconsistent. This is a logical fallacy because kingdom cannot be isolated, as it needs people to trade, function, or even exist for the matter. As isolation is a very powerful word, it shows how alone or upset Elsa is feeling. Which also falls into the category of pathos, because many people may feel like they are alone in the world. Additionally, when the song says turn away and slam the door, the slanted language fallacy is shown (Anderson-Lopez). That is a specific word which gives the statement a negative or a positive meaning. Slam has a negative connotation because it shows her audiences all the hardships she has experienced, which creates empathy. This also demonstrates how Elsa is finally letting go of what was holding her back, and how she is pushing it away (Anderson-Lopez).
When the song says the wind is howling… That part of the song develops the sense of urgency because she wants to let go of all the emotions inside of her but she doesn’t want them to take control of her (Anderson-Lopez). This shows the audience Elsa’s feelings and how she wants to forget and let go of all the emotions that haunt her. The statement which says let it go it describes her no longer being the perfect girl she once was because of all the emotions building inside of her. She is free, and this builds a sense of urgency because she changes herself into a different person (Anderson-Lopez).
The song expresses pathos when it says to be the good girl you always have to be. Conceal, don’t feel (Anderson-Lopez). This connects with the audience, especially girls, who feel like they must be the good girl. In society, there are some a lot of things that are directed towards girls. These young girls are tired of having this generalization define them. When Elsa says this they connect with her on a personal level as they don’t want the nation telling them what to do, neither does Elsa. The audience relates to her when the song uses pathos because Elsa is trying to experience new things for the first time, even though she doesn’t know how the results will end up being. The audience might have gone through the same events, this makes Elsa more relatable to them, which is why this was added to the song. When the song starts saying that perfect girl pathos is shown because she connects with girls who are tired of being perfect, and just want to be free (Anderson-Lopez). This lets the audience know that Elsa is like them and that they can connect with her. Also, this can lead to ethos. If the audience believes that Elsa is like them, this makes her more trustworthy.
Ethos is also included in the song. When it talks about her soul is spiraling like frozen fractals all around, makes her seem trustworthy among her audience, as she was scared to use her powers before (Anderson-Lopez). This is used in the song because they wanted to make Elsa seem more honorable, by showing her powers to the audience. This is also pathos. She is appealing to her audience’s emotions, as she is being herself, which makes viewers connect with her on a personal level.
Let it go incorporates pathos, ethos, and a few logical fallacies. As shown these devices give the audience a message about embracing their skills, talent, personality, and to honor who they truly are. The lyrics in the song captured the hearts of an audience of all ages since they were infused with these rhetorical devices and logical fallacies. This song has inspired many to do what they believe is right and to do what their heart tells them to do. Thereby, influencing the people to just let it go.


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