Macbeth does shows symptoms of PTSD because he shows that he have some symptoms

Macbeth does shows symptoms of PTSD because he shows that he have some symptoms. For someone to be diagnosed with PTSD they have to show symptoms like reliving or re-experiencing the event, emotional numbing, and arousal symptoms. Macbeth clearly shows some of these symptoms like re-experiencing the events as a nightmare and avoidance, when he ignores his wife.
Macbeth experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorders by having nightmares and hallucinations. Nightmares reflect fear,worries and inner struggles. This is because he feels guilty of murdering Duncan. He knows he should of not killed him. In the article the author explains that one of the symptoms of PTSD is reliving the events, in this case the killing of Duncan. In act 3,scene 2 Macbeth tell his wife that we would rather be dead than alive and having horrific nightmares; “better be with the dead”. This is important because he shows that he suffers from PTSD because he’s conscience is not leaving him alone,he feels guilty and that’s why he’s been having nightmares. Because he cannot tell nobody about what he did besides his wife he will continue with the nightmares if he goes to sleep.
Macbeth demonstrates another symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when he has emotional numbing. In act 5 scene 5 macbeth hears a scream that turns out to be that of his wife now dead. In the article Post-traumatic stress disorder, another symptom of PTSD is emotional numbing that consists of the fact that the person reduces their emotional experiences or in this case the separation of his wife. When he learns that she has died he does not react like a person who is sad or heartbroken, his reaction is neutral. He said that “She should have died hereafter”, meaning that she should of die later. This shows that Macbeth feels no pain after hearing that his wife has recently died, and this is what emotional numbing is, another symptom of PTSD. Macbeth started suffering from ptsd the moment he killed King Duncan and then Banquo, each of these events caused Macbeth to go insane and having more and more symptoms of PTSD.


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