Literature review Ravi Sharma

Literature review
Ravi Sharma (2012),analysed the increasing cybercrimes for the years 2008-2011. His study suggest us the importance of cyber security and the issues that we are facing towards cyber security. It also comprises of the various counter measure techniques that we can use to protect our systems and also it tells us the government’s response towards this issue. He has concluded that all the sectors need to work together to insure cyber free environment.

Atul, suraj and surbhi (2013) examined the significance of cyber security. They analysed the current cyber security measures taken by the government nationally and internationally. Their paper also discussed about the current threats, issues related to cyber security, challenges and measures if IT sector. They concluded that there is a need to build an effective and good detection system to handle the increasing cyber attacks.

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Kamala , mayur and rajkumar (2017),discussed about the importance of cyber security and impact of cyber attacks on e commerce and small businesses. They analysed the data of a survey conducted by AICPA in March 2015 in which around 82% of the respondent feels that cyber security breach has changed the shopping habits of the people which has a large impact on e commerce. They examined various logical tools like SSL in order to enhance e commerce site security. They also discussed about cyber security management and the preventive measures that should be taken.


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