Letter of Recommendation A clear thinking

Letter of Recommendation

A clear thinking, level headed individual is how I describe Ms. Rabiya Abdul Jabbar. This quality of her, became evident during my interaction with her, as an Professor taking her Computer Engineering subjects. My acquaintance with her, spread over about 3 years, has given me an opportunity to observe her closely and judge her capabilities.
A student with excellent ability for logical and intuitive thinking, she has proved herself to be a talented and brilliant student. Her ability to understand a problem and to conceptualize & analyze a situation needs a special mention. Apart from being technically sound, Ms.Rabiya has shown a penchant for grasping and visualizing practical difficulties and this, per se, makes a potential research student.
A good, wholesome personality coupled with leadership qualities makes her an asset to any team. Her aplomb and alacrity wonderfully blended with socialness will be a great source of motivation for any work she is assigned. Rabiya has been an exceptional student and has secured an overall rating of 8 in a maximum possible academic rating of 10 points. .
In addition to being an excellent student, Rabiya is also a talented debator and participated in various debates. She has also played a role in various events held in our university as a coordinator or a volunteer.
I am confident that she, as a student with great zeal for higher academic pursuits and aptitude for research, will do well. By virtue of being a Head of the department and faculty for multiple courses including lab sessions I had an opportunity to closely watch and monitor her day to day working. I strongly recommend her candidature for your graduate program with full financial assistance.
Thanking you.

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(Dr. Tanvir Ahmad)
Dept. of Computer Engineering,
Jamia Millia Islamia,
New Delhi.


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