Lessons in life are always learned in a variety of ways

Lessons in life are always learned in a variety of ways. From personal experiences to
lessons inside a classroom, people all learn valuable insights that help them live and lead more
positive, more successful lives. A few lessons that all people need to learn and give light towards
are ones having to do with being able to cope within society. Because of the fact that our society
is ever-changing, people have to learn to identify, to understand and to accept diversity. By
attending the Celebrating Diversity workshop at Manchester College, I believe that I gained
valuable insight into diversity, learned how to understand different types of diversity and also
learned how to help myself and others fully accept all people, in all situations.
Diversity is something that Manchester College prides itself on, and I love the idea of
living on such a diverse campus. I believe it has opened my eyes to many more different types of
people that are in this world. The diversity workshop helped me learn more about what diversity
really is. It is based upon identity groups that people belo


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