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Leadership Skills Approach
Leadership Skills Approach
Leadership Skills Approach
Dr. Woods puts more emphasis on his skills, knowledge, and ability but neglects the other important leadership skills (Northouse, 2016). Dr. Woods who is the principal investigator of a federally funded research is popular across the country as the foremost scholar in the area of health education research and has the best publication record in the country. Besides this advantage, there are relationship problems between Dr. Woods and the members of the Elder Care Project Team. Dr Woods feels that the other team members are not devoted in accomplishing the project where else the team members are working unpaid extra hours. The team members are frustrated at the negative comments made by Dr. Woods, which have a demoralizing effect on the team members (Northouse, 2016).
The project will not be successful as the team members are not motivated, as Dr. Woods does not recognize the efforts and hard work made by the team members and keeps the team members under constant pressure (Northouse, 2016). Dr. Woods does not have the necessary skills to be an effective leader of this research team as guiding a team does not solely depend on one’s educational knowledge or expertise but on other leadership skills, which include problem-solving skills and social judgment skills, which are also important (Northouse, 2016). These skills enable the leader to keep the team in order, allow communication between team members and the leader, and to motivate and encourage the team members in their duties (Northouse, 2016).
Dr. Woods should integrate problem-solving skills, which are important in solving team problems (Northouse, 2016). His team members are having issues, which have not been addressed yet and may affect the outcome of the project (Northouse, 2016). Social judgment skills are also important leadership skills that Dr. Woods should learn about, as he does not see the extra effort his team members have put on but instead frustrates them with negative comments, which undermine their efforts. Dr. Woods should incorporate the other two competencies for leaders, which are lacking in his leadership skills (Northouse, 2016).

The three skills approach is an advantage to a team as it allows the leader to use the skills, which involve his knowledge, technical skills, which are skills, related to the project, and human relation skills, which involve team members in the project (Northouse, 2016). This can motivate team members as well as address any issues within the team. Application of these three skills is necessary and an advantage to the success of the team (Northouse, 2016). A weakness of this approach is the complex nature of the approach, which focuses on other skills besides the leadership skills. This can be frustrating to a leader who also has other responsibilities to perform (Northouse, 2016).
Northouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice. Los Angeles: Sage.

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