Just before my final year result

Just before my final year result, I was able to secure placement at Kruger Ventilation (India) Pvt Ltd as an Application Engineer. Being a well-known brand from Singapore, with its vast international presence, Kruger is known to be one of the best fan manufacturers of the world. This Association with rotating equipment, gave me with the thrust to accelerate with great devotion and commitment. Along with this enthusiasm, I remained diligent towards learning as much as possible from the industry. At Kruger (India), a grand manufacturing setup and supportive leadership prepared me for working on large-scale industrial applications. In time, my progressive momentum served me a promotion as Senior Application Engineer and team leader (LOR attached). After spending two and a half years at Kruger (India), I was invited by my present employer – Nehmeh in the Gulf country – Qatar, where I was required to develop and manage the business for ventilation fans from a grass-roots level. In Qatar, despite an uphill battle, I kept advancing persistently with an ardent approach and determination to never look back. In due course, my efforts engendered a credible market impression which supported the merger with a well-known Spanish firm – Novovent HVAC solutions. This venture triggered a mighty growth in our business which ultimately boosted my position and caused further team expansion. In the course of operations, I could travel to Spain and Turkey for factory inspection, product testing, and training purposes


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