John Muir says in his famous essay “The Calypso Borealis

John Muir says in his famous essay “The Calypso Borealis, “It seems wonderful that so frail and lovely a plant has such power over human hearts.”. He had such a unique view of nature, not unlike poet William Wordsworth. Both authors John Muir and William Wordsworth capture the beauty of nature, while writing about their compassion for nature. William Wordsworth captures his epiphany about the counterweights of change that exist in the complex system that is nature` through a poem entitled “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. John Muir, on the other hand, explains the emotions that the sight of nature inspires in him in an essay entitled “The Calypso Borealis”, Through their words they paint a picture of the beautiful landscape that inspired their writing and effectively communicate their amazement at what they saw. Wordsworth and Muir express their connection to and love of nature by using similes and hyperboles to describe to the reader just how much nature has impacted their lives.
Wordsworth use similes to create a picture in the reader’s mind, to emphasize just how many of the flowers there were and how they were beautiful as the stars. This is shown when he says “Continuous as the stars that shine and twinkle on the milky way,”. The effect of this imagery is to show the reader that the daffodils compered to the stars number and beauty. It makes the reader think or feel this a sense of amazement that anything could compare to the endless galaxies of stars. Wordsworth also uses similes to compare the life of the daffodils to a group of people. The effect of this imagery is that readers will picture a group of people the same way they would picture the field of daffodils. It makes the reader think that Wordsworth views the field of dancing flowers the same as a room of dancing people. Wordsworth also uses personification for example when he says, “The waves beside them danced; but they Out-did the sparkling waves in glee”, Wordsworth is comparing the daffodils to the dancing waves. The effect of this imagery is it shows that other beautiful things such as the waves that danced beside the daffodils were out done by the flowers. It makes the reader feel that the flowers are unique and not anything can compare to them. All these literary devices combine to make a strong impression on the reader that believes that nature is a cure for unhappiness.
In contrast, in John Muir’s essay, “The Calypso Borealis,”, Muir uses metaphors to describe his relationship with nature. He states, “Hunger and weariness vanished, and the only after the sun was low in the west I splashed on through the swamp, strong and exhilarated as if never more to feel any mortal care.” Muir is expressing to the reader that nature gave him strength to continue his journey. Another philosophy that Mur supported in his essay was that he believes, “This Calypso meeting happened some forty-five years ago, and it was more memorable and impressive than any of my meetings with human beings excepting, perhaps, Emerson and one or two others.”, This shows that Muir believes that no meeting with any human could out-do the meeting that he had with the calypso Borealis. The reader could apply this to their own life, by using nature as a comfort for times when you feel unhappy. Muir also uses Figurative language when he says, “It seemed the most spiritual of all the flower people I had ever met”. What Muir is implying is that the flower is sacred, and changing the tone of his essay from a philosophical perspective to a religious one, to resonate more strongly with some of his religious readers, and give the situation an almost supernatural quality.
In conclusion both authors experienced the beauty of nature in different ways, but it impacted them the same. Wordsworth uses a Romantic style in his poetry while Muir uses a naturalist style in his essay. Despite their approach with nature, they both gained happiness in the end. Nature has power over our feelings and emotions and is taken for granted every day. When was the last time you put the screen down and looked at the amazing world we live in?


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