John L

John L. O’Sullivan, an american writer first used the term “Manifest Destiny” in an article he wrote. During the 1800’s Manifest destiny was a phrase widely used as justification for the expansion of the American empire. The term Manifest destiny is at the beginning of a chain of events that were to come for America’s history. This term vastly influenced westward expansion, impacted the American foreign policy and created more conflict between free and slave states. Manifest destiny encouraged westward expansion by justifying the right to expand to all of North America. It gained support from Americans because it benefited them and the term Manifest Destiny made americans feel as if they were superior to others in every aspect.
With the expansion of America there came problems between free and slave states. The north didn’t want slavery to spread but slaveholders in the South did. Compromises such as The Missouri Compromise which determined Missouri to be a slave state and Maine to be a free state were temporary solutions.


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