Jean Francois Lyotard is an influential figure in post-modernism period

Jean Francois Lyotard is an influential figure in post-modernism period, Jean Francois characterized by his successful works concerning postmodernism period. He came up with the notion of postmodernism in his work.
Lyotard is a French philosopher. He opened the discussion for postmodernism in social theory with his ground breaking publication ‘La Condition Postmoderne’ (The Condition Postmodern). His works stress the decline of meta-narratives or grand-narratives, as some scholars refer it. Meta-Narratives are sets of ideas governing what is right and wrong. For example, religion defines how to live a good life. By doing so, people who do not appeal to the characteristics of good man as defined by religion will be considered unfaithful, as bad people. Lyotard argues that this way of legitimating declines in a postmodern society. What is considered good can no longer be clearly separated from what is considered bad(Rizqi1) .
2. Jean Baudrillard
Jean Baudrillard is considered one of the most influential figure of postmodernism. Jean inspired by many influential figures of postmodernism. He created a theory depends on signs and show a link to the theory of Lyotard .
French philosopher, and may be called as the most important postmodernist thinker is Jean Baudrillard. Inspired by Roland Barthes, Baudrillard develops an enhanced theory of signs.Signs as argued by Barthes serve as the medium in which myth is preserved. Signs then function as the source of legitimation. It is in align with Lyotard’s idea that suggests meta-narratives lose their function as the source of legitimation. Postmodern society then, as called by Baudrillard, lives in ‘sign culture’. This leads to what he terms as ‘simulacrum’ (Rizqi1-6).
3.John Barth
A novelist and professor, in addition to that an important figure in postmodernism. He takes a great role in the postmodernism era.
John Barth an American novelist who uses postmodern things in his writing. Started using postmodernism quality work in his book, The Sot-Weed Factor which is a satirical novel. Was also a professor for many Universities(“Important people”).
4.Linda Hutcheon
Linda Hutcheonis an important figure in postmodernism , because of her ideas about postmodernism and her interest of this period , she gives all her mind to the notion of postmodernism and she created a numerous books about postmodernism .
Linda Hutcheon particularly known for her influential theories of postmodernism. She writes books mostly on Postmodernism and the interest it holds. One of her ideas is that postmodernism mostly works through parody (“Important people “).

5.Fredric Jameson
An important figure of postmodernism and the popular figure who creates a successful book about postmodernism era.
Fredric Jameson is an American Literary Critic who wrote some things about postmodern ideas. He wrote “Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” that was published in a journal in 1984 later became a whole book about the theories and how postmodern affects us. This was one of his most popular things he wrote that became one of his best known books (“Important people”).
6.Kurt Vonnegut
Is a greatest and successful figure of postmodernism, his successful works makes him the best source for knowing postmodernism era like it should be. He opened the door for other figures to study the postmodern era in the best way.
Kurt Vonnegut is a poster child for postmodernism.One of the big names of the 1960s and ’70s, he’s remembered as a major satirist and voice of U.S. counterculture—and his works are perfect go-to texts if you’re trying to get a handle on some of the main themes and techniques of postmodern literature.Not only do they contain a boatload of irony and dark humor; they’re also not afraid to get into more serious topics like state oppression, violence, paranoia, and the horrors of World War II. The war, in particular, was personal to Vonnegut, who had served as a soldier and been held prisoner during 1944-1945—an experience that had a big impact on his life and his writing (“Kurt Vonnegut “).

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