It’s either us the human beings or it’s the animals that should have rights

It’s either us the human beings or it’s the animals that should have rights.Animals have been human favorite pets for example cat, dogs, lions, hamsters etc but come on let’s get it straight they do not deserve rights. Animals should not have a Bill of Rights.

First off that there must be experimenting on animals to further for or medical process. Heart disease/stoke due to experimenting on animals they were able to reduce death rates from heart diesease and strokes saving over one million lives each year which people take a pill. If experimenting is bad than why does it save human lives.

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Secondly that humans need the meat for it’s nutrition. Red meat contains vitamins B12, B3, B6, Iron , zinc, selenium and plenty of other vitamins.If the nutrition is need for our bodies than us humans should kill the animals to receive the vitamins. Yes that killing animals is not on the Bill of Rights for animals , but sooner or later the animal activist would want to expand it to not killing animals at all.

Thirdly is why should we worry about neglecting and abusing animals while there’s kids who are getting neglect and abuse.In the year 2012 around 686,000 kids were getting abuse or neglect that’s 1 out of 100 in the United States only. 75% of cases that were filed was kids being neglect while the other 25% was the kids being abuse. If neglecting and abusing animals is a serious thing why don’t we try harder on not neglecting and abusing human beings. If you neglect or abuse an animal they will not do anything , but when it comes to a human being they grow up becoming unstable human.


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