Investigation of the Properties of Sunflower Oil with Antioxidants and Nano Powders In the creative modern world

Investigation of the Properties of Sunflower Oil with Antioxidants and Nano Powders
In the creative modern world, we cannot live without electrical energy. The requirement is increasing day by day due to the increase in population. The requirement is determined by the petroleum oil by-products. In the recent research, petroleum will be available only for a few 100 years. So we have to make an alternate solution. In order to meet out that, Sunflower Oil is used. Sunflower Oil is the natural ester oil and its availability is easy. In order to improve the properties Antioxidants such as Selenium, Beta Carotene and TBHQ (tert-butylhydroquinone) is used and Nanopowders such as Aluminum Nitride and Carbon Nanopowders are used. Antioxidants used here is both natural and synthetic antioxidants. This work is mainly focused on finding an alternate solution of mineral oil as Sunflower Oil by adding some additives. The viscosity of the Sunflower Oil is also very low so it suitable for the transformer oil. Different proportions of Antioxidants and Nano Powders are chosen with different combinations. The properties such as Breakdown Voltage, Viscosity, Flash Point and Fire Point are measured as per the standards. Viscosity readings are taken for both 40oC and 90oC. Moreover, the Sunflower Oil mixed with Nanopowder combination gives the better result. The Sunflower Oil is biodegradable and it does not cause any damage to the environment. By using the Sunflower Oil the overall lifetime of the transformer is increased and it meets out the requirements for a high-temperature insulation fluid.
Keywords-Antioxidants; Nanopowders; Breakdown Voltage; Flash Point; Fire Point; Viscosity; tert-butylhydroquinone; Selenium; Beta Carotene; Aluminum Nitride; Carbon nanopowder
The transformer is the heart of the power system and it is very much necessary for boosting the efficiency. The transformer is the most important equipment for delivering electrical power supply to the consumers. The transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, in which emf is induced and secondly the magnetic flux is generated by the voltage and current flowing in the primary coil winding. In the transformer insulation is the most important component. There are two basic insulation types. They are solid and liquid. For solid insulation, we use paper, pressboard, and epoxy. Among them, Kraft paper is the most famous one.

For liquid insulation purpose, we are using petroleum-based oil. We are using mineral oil. Good oil should have low viscosity value because it should have an easy flow to avoid becoming tight. Mineral oil is used in transformer for cooling purpose and insulation. But mostly it is used for insulation purpose. Due to the minimization of the available of petroleum, there is a demand for mineral oil. In order to overcome that we are using Sunflower Oil is biodegradable, nontoxic, thermostable, readily disposable and not hazardous to the environment. Temperature, oxygen availability and catalyst presence are the factors that influence the chemical stability of the oil. Power Transformer is the significant part of the electrical power grid system for safe and reliable operation of the electrical network systems.

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The scope of the project is to measure the breakdown voltage of the Sunflower oil and to find the composition of oil having better characteristics. Antioxidants are used in order to avoid the oxidation stability and to remove the free radicals. To select the Antioxidants and Nanopowders with correct proportion and to prepare the fluid by adding required quantity of Antioxidants and Nanopowders with the oil samples. The correct proportion for nanopowders is determined by using the formula which is explained below. This work focuses on enhancing the parameters of the Sunflower oil by adding natural antioxidants, Synthetic antioxidants, and nanopowders.


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