INTRODUCTION Are science and religion in conflict

Are science and religion in conflict?
Why would educated, reasonable human beings consider in one side of an argument when the majority of the proof factors to the other? The argument between science and religion started with Charles Darwin publishing Origin of the Species, and for the reason that then, is nonetheless a conflict, due to the fact every individual questions: Where do people come from? Where does the earth come from? The universe? Not only Charles Darwin, however many scientists who accompanied Charles Darwin as a paragon of evolution, discovered evidence and answers to argue that evolution is the more lifelike principle in the question of: Where did the whole thing come from?

The debate about the compatibility of science of religion has been going on for quite a while. Many people believe that both of these two are in conflict with each other, were as some people believed that they complement each other. In different words, science provides a proof wherever faith falters and faith provides a proof wherever science falters. Their beliefs are different although sometimes they have something in common. In, fact religion laws are not made by man and science laws are not made by man they both exist in a natural universe.
Science and faith have forever been in conflict with each other as a result each of them represent exact opposite ideals, science is concerning however nature controls” however,” the universe works and faith is concerning, “however” God controls however the universe works. I believe that the conflict between science and religion describes the two best. It also tells you how many scientists are religious and may be inspired by many religious ideals but on the other is that if god created the world he also created anything on it. In’ my opinion if god is the creator of life and the world he is also the creator of science as well. Science is based on knowledge, observation, and experimentation. On the other side religion has no factual proof of anything it is based solely on faith and feelings. The hassle between these two topics is that one has factual proof and one does not. Science is capable to explain the legal guidelines of gravity – if an object is dropped it will fall. Religion can provide an explanation for a single individuals experience with a supernatural being. Whereas science has laws of nature in which the entirety follows, religion offers with the whole thing outside of these laws of nature.

There will always be beliefs of conflict between spirituality and science, were as there was no contradiction between religion and science. This “thus” not necessarily mean that science and religion never come in conflict, disagreements do arise when it comes to boundaries between these two. Scientists will always believe in science and religious people will always believe in god. Science investigates the natural world, while faith deals with the religious and supernatural -“hence”, the two can be complementary. We both need spirituality and science in education context.