Introduction 1

Introduction 1.1 Introduction Physical disability is a curse to human life. Idea of our project The Intelligent Wheelchair for Handicapped Persons has occurred to help the handicapped persons. The fundamental operation of the wheelchair is to facilitate handicapped person with safe movement. For ensuring the safety of movement, obstacle sensing, crack detection and living being identification features have been included. Additionally, a voice controlled LCD has been provided considering the case of auditory disabled people. Access to control basic home appliances has also been offered. 1.3.1 Future Scopes New designing advancements offer chances to deve hack brilliant wheelchair assistive innovation that can enhance the lives of numerous individuals who utilize wheelchairs. In our work, we are outlining tomorrows clever wheelchairs we built up a multi work capable canny wheelchair that knows about its surroundings with the goal that it can help its client in an assortment of assignments. The objective of this astute wheelchair venture is to improve a conventional controlled wheelchair utilizing an android programming for development, a show for correspondence, sensors to see the wheelchairs environment, a PIR to recognize living being, an IR sensor to distinguish break, and a home computerization circuit to make the existence more less demanding. The future smart automated wheelchair can take in the format of its condition (doctors facility, restoration focus, home, and so on.) through a described, guided visit given by the client or the clients parental figures. In this way, the wheelchair can move to any already named area under voice summon (e.g., Take me to the cafeteria). This innovation is suitable for individuals who have lost versatility because of cerebrum damage or the loss of appendages, however who hold discourse. The innovation can be improved with Tongue Movement Driver to move the seat by the development of tongue which will be less demanding for absolutely heaven individuals. It very well may be changed by signal innovation or voice told innovation. The innovation can likewise upgrade wellbeing for clients changed by caterpillar tracks which can be utilized through stairs. Again for the development in outside this wheelchair can be developed with the task of GSM for culminate correspondence of the client with others. 1.4 Limitation of the Study The constraint may occur in any kinds of working system. We have attempted our best to deduct the issues from our activity. The speed of this seat be controlled clearly with encourage improvement, again there front wheels are candidly required with a view to supporting on account of development which makes a complicity while moving from one heading to other bearing in a split second. This can likewise be produced by guaranteeing mechanical innovation, finally at the season of pivot one wheel is quit by our capacity. Therefore, the pivot point is settled. The revolution edge can be balanced by controlling the heading and speed of both the engines by additionally investigate. As this outline is collected to misuse at home, there will no serious issue. Facilitate improvement is expected to misuse it to utilize it in street. 1.5 Advantage over Traditional Method As the instance of development client can undoubtedly move with his/her sway which is relatively like walk. This wheelchair does not require hand propelled movement. Or maybe by utilizing an android PDA with particular application, this wheelchair can be moved effortlessly the coveted way. The intensity of the wheelchair may offer the client to give astounding knowledge all through the development. Incapacitated individuals are very sufferer to make a correspondence with others. Extraordinarily for the general population with sound-related incapacity, we influenced the wheelchair with an Android to control programming based task framework where the bearings, messages or voice can be seen by the client effectively. Client can likewise utilize this choice for correspondence. This seat has distinguishing proof system for the security of disabled individuals. The detecting arrangement of separation can ensure about the deterrent, recognize the living being and break at first glance. In some cases the client can not have the capacity to control the home apparatuses as indicated by their desire. For this situation this wheel seat gives the home mechanization framework as an additional normal capacity surely. Getting a charge out of the outside is normally the basic movement new wheelchair clients anticipate doing the most. One can appreciate picnics with companions at the recreation center, investigate stop trails, fowl watch, catch pictures of view and significantly more. One can go shopping at ones most loved stores, feast at eateries, travel, head out to the motion pictures, visit loved ones and substantially more. Wheelchairs furnish the client with a more dynamic way of life that more often than not results in a more joyful, more beneficial more uplifting point of view. 1.6 Objective of this Work The objective of the work is elaborating below 1.6.1 Primary Objectives The essential goal of this work is to improve the existence less demanding with development innovations for the incapacitated people. 1.6.2 Secondary Objectives To give a solid recognition of deterrent, split, living being for detecting with various purposes for the client and to assemble correspondence level and give home computerization highlights to better life driving framework are auxiliary goal of this venture . Chapter 2 Theory 2.1 Introduction The intelligent wheelchair of this project consists of several features to stress-free the life of a physically disabled person. Besides android control movement of wheelchair, obstacle, living being and crack detecting features have been included for the safety of the disabled person. However the home automation mechanism has been built for the easier life leading route. These diverse features are based on miscellaneous theories. This chapter represents the theory behind the features of the intelligent wheelchair of our project. 2.2 Theory 2.2.1 Theoretical Analysis of Android Control Wheelchair Movement The primary parts of this segment are dc engine, arduino uno board and hand-off. DC engine is an electrical gadget that believers coordinate current electrical power into mechanical power. The DC engines that were utilized in this task were ordinary cycle engines. These engines work utilizing 12.53 DC. Thee engines are immaculate in estimate. With a specific end goal to work the procedure arduino board is in charge of the frameworks information and yield. Customized codes are additionally in charge of the arduino. Arduino is an open source gadgets model stage in light of adaptable simple to-utilize equipment and programming. A vital component of utilizing arduino for this venture is that it speaks with programming running on an advanced mobile phone. The two transfers are associated with the yields of the Arduino Board. The contribution of the Arduino is associated with the Bluetooth module to take the requests from the versatile application. Two transfers are associated with one DC engine. The transfer bodes well with the assistance of arduino voltage and run the wheelchair with wanted headings. Android programming is associated with Bluetooth Module by means of Bluetooth interface. Bluetooth module which is associated with arduino gets character information from android application and transmits those characters to arduino. Arduino thusly is straightforwardly associated for its DIRECTION and BRAKING. 2.2.2 Theoretical Analysis of Android Control Voice Command Display Interfacing a LCD (Liquid Cristal Display) with arduino takes after with the association of RS stick to advanced stick 12, R/W stick to computerized stick 11. Advanced lines DB4, DB5, DB6 and DB7 are interfaced to computerized pins 5, 4, 3 and 2 of the Arduino. The 10K potentiometer is utilized for modifying the difference of the show. 560 ohm resistor R1 limits the current through the backdrop illumination LED. The arduino can be controlled through the outside power jack gave on the board. 5V required in some different parts of the circuit can be drawn from the 5V source on the arduino board. The arduino can be likewise fueled from the PC through the USB port. The voice is transmitted however a Bluetooth module from android savvy sharpen. The Bluetooth module is associated with 3.3V stick and GND stick of arduino. Again the TX stick of Bluetooth stick is associated with RX of arduino and the RX stick of Bluetooth stick is associated with TX stick of arduino. The character of the voice is transmitted and appeared in 162 LCD which is really kept up by the customized arduino. 2.2.3 Theoretical Analysis of Obstacle Sensing Sonar or ultrasonic detecting utilizes spread of acoustic vitality at higher frequencies than ordinary hearing to remove data from nature. Sonar utilize their echoes to gauge range to a question. As the sound speed is known, the protest run is relative to the reverberate travel time. Figure 2.1 Sonar ranging principles. (a) Sonar configuration (b) Echo waveform (c) Range dot placement (d) Sonar map10 8 A sonar transducer, T/R, goes about as both the transmitter (T) of an examining acoustic heartbeat (P) and the collector of echoes (E). The resound head out time to, ordinarily called the season of-flight (TOF)is estimated from the testing beat transmission time. For this situation the reverberate waveform is a reproduction of the examining beat, which more often than not comprises of upwards of 16 cycle sat the thunderous recurrence of the transducer. The question extend ro is figured from by utilizing The IR sensor emits light to the surface When the surface is not found or black surface is detected, it senses because of absorbing the light. Again it will not sense because of reflection of light when white surface is detected. Figure 2.2 Light absorption through IR sensor HYPERLINK http// IR transmitter and receiver also called photo diodes are used for sending and receiving light. IR transmits infrared lights. In this project, when infrared rays falls on any surface, its reflected back and caught by photodiode and generates some voltage changes. When IR light falls on black surface, light is absorbed by the black surface and no rays reflect back, resultantly photo diode doesnt receive any light or rays. It will not sense either it finds any crack over the surface. As soon as it reaches the crack, the sensor doesnt receives the light and the comparator sends logic 0 to the microcontroller for the left sensor. On getting this condition the microcontroller make the signal for safety. The sensors are mounted at front end of the chair at middle place. The sensor is designed to detect the light reflecting from the platform on which it is finding the crack, hole sensors dont get this light. 9 Programmed Atmega32 is responsible to sense the LED with the observation of hole or crack in the surface. An IR sensor distinguishes the IR radiation. There are distinctive kinds of IR sensors which are utilized on various sorts of the application. A few illustrations Proximity sensors (Used in Touch Screen telephones and Edge Avoiding Robots), differentiate sensors (Used in Line Following Robots) and check counters/sensors (Used for including products and Burglar Alarms). Fundamentally an IR sensor is comprises of a couple of an IR LED and a photodiode. The IR LED emanates IR radiation, gathering as well as power of gathering of which by the photodiode manages the yield of the sensor. Direct incidence As like IR LED specifically before the photodiode all the radiation transmitted, comes to the photodiode. This makes an imperceptible line of IR radiation between the IR LED and the photodiode. On the off chance that a misty question is set discouraging this line, the radiation wont come to the photodiode and will get either reflected or consumed by the hindering object Indirect Incidence Dark shading retains all radiation, the white shading mirrors all radiation. By putting IR LED and the photodiode next to each other, near one another, the radiation from the IR LED will get discharged straight toward the path to which the IR LED is pointing towards. Reflective Surface If the object is reflective then most of the radiation will get reflected by it, and will get incident on the photodiode. Non-reflective Surface If the object is non-reflective, (Black or some other dark color), then most of the radiation will get absorbed by it, and will not become incident on the photodiode. 2.2.5 Theoretical Analysis of Living Being Sensing The PIR sensor has two openings in it. At the point when the sensor is sit out of gear, the two spaces recognize a similar measure of IR, the surrounding sum emanated from the room or dividers or outside. At the point when a warm body like a human or creature cruises by, it first blocks one portion of the PIR sensor which rolls out a positive differential improvements between the two parts. At the point when the warm body leaves the detecting zone, the switch happens, whereby the sensor creates a negative differential change. These change beats are what is recognized. Figure 2.3 Mechanism of PIR sensor Fig 2.4 The upper surface of PIR Infrared is a category of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that ranges between approximately 700 nm to 300 m. It does not fall in the visible light spectrum but is emitted by all living beings and objects. 2.2.6 Android Control Home Automation System Home computerization includes presenting a level of programmed control to specific segments like lighting, temperature control, security frameworks, carport entryways, and so forth. The framework would control the machines in view of its arrangement. It can likewise enable a client to control machines from a remote area. These machines incorporate lights, fans, forced air systems, TVs, surveillance cameras, electronic entryways, PC frameworks, sound/visual gear, and so forth. This area shows a framework that can be incorporated into a wheelchair and enables one to remotely control lights, fans, and kill on or any apparatus that is connected to a divider outlet. The framework can be controlled through a Bluetooth and a cell phone. The Bluetooth module is associated with arduino where hand-off stick controls the heaps by the bearing of client through portable application. 2.3 Summary The theoretical mechanisms have been accumulated to make a bright design of a smart wheelchair. This wheelchair will provide the people about the simple outlooks because of the accumulation. The theory ensures about the particular sections mechanism behind the outcomes and the whole process has been done with the similarity with the theoretical scenarios. 12 Chapter 3 Methodology 3.1 Introduction This section represents the methodology regarding the different parts through this project. According to our project work and accumulation of the features with the arduino uno is precisely elaborated in block diagram section. Intelligent wheelchair is build with 3 sum up section. Where a arduino uno is built up with joining of android control system of wheelchair movement and home automation, second one is built up with the android control system of voice display and living being sensing, third one with only obstacle sensing and finally microcontroller based crack sensing method. 3.2 Block Diagrams Block diagrams of the different features of our project have been attached in this section. 3.2.1 Block diagram of Android Control Wheelchair and Home automation Fig 3.1 Block diagram of procedure of Android control wheelchair movement and home automation system 13 The Bluetooth module is responsible to sense the direction from android smart phone application. This will be further response by connected and coded arduino makes a controlling scenario through the connected control pins of relay which is connected to motor to control the movements of wheelchair as directed. For controlling the home appliances again Bluetooth module sense the power controlling direction via android application and repeat the same procedure from the coded code. 3.2.2 Block Diagram of Voice Commanded LCD Display and Living Being Sensing Fig 3.2 Block diagram of procedure of Android control voice directed display and living being sensing The use of android application for sending the voice through the android application via connected Bluetooth which is connected to arduino and to show that as massage LCD display is connected with coded arduino. To sense living being the PIR sensor is connected with the arduino and a buzzer module is connected with the arduino to provide the signal. 3.2.3 Block Diagram of Obstacle Detection Fig 3.3 Block diagram of procedure of obstacle sensing using sonar 14 Sonar sensor is connected with the arduino uno to detect the obstacle and sense with dimension. A LCD is connected with the arduino to show the dimension clearly. 3.2.4 Block Diagram of Crack/Hole Sensing Fig 3.4 Block diagram of procedure of crack/hole sensing using IR IR sensor is connected with a microcontroller to detect the crack and to sense with a signal, a LED is connected with the microcontroller. 3.3 Methodology 3.3.1 Mechanism of Android Control Wheelchair The Android Mobile is utilized as information. The Application is produced on the Android stage. At the point when the client contacts the virtual catch around then a string is passed that and after that transmitted from the transmission unit to the accepting segment through the cell phones Bluetooth. It works on 5V supply and has clock cycle of 20MHz. Battery of 12.53 V is utilized to drive the wheelchair. For forward development the engines are pushed ahead. For left development the left engine is ceased and right engine forward way and for right development the correct engine is halted and left engines are moved forward way. The speed of engine is controlled by instrument of PWM. Fig 3.5 Flowchart of android control wheelchair operation At the point when the application is opened around then a demand is produced if the Bluetooth isnt turned on. Calculations are- The primary instrument of the task is to build up a LCD show with the message from the clients portable. While the client sends the message from the portable, the remote activity is accomplished by any advanced cell/Tablet and so forth., with Android OS in light of voice task. A few messages are appeared on the LCD which is worked in code of arduino. The 5V works the entire methodology. The Bluetooth module is dependable to send the information heading through arduino board. The character appears in 162 LCD as the voice are taken by the android application. Fig 3.6 Flowchart of voice command LCD display 3.3.3 Mechanism of Obstacle Sensing Obstacles can be defined as objects protruding sufficiently high from the ground or in front of the patient. The procedure calculates the disparity to find the obstacle or anything indeed. Then it works with the built in formulas of centimeter and inches of code and calculate distance. The final output as well as the distance of the obstacle, anything, corner or surface is showed via LCD display. Fig 3.7 Flowchart of obstacle sensing operation 19 3.3.4 Mechanism of Crack Sensing The mechanism of the crack sensing is depends on IR sensor and programmed microcontroller Atmega32. Led will glow a view to attracting the users concentration by sensing any types of crack, discontinuity or hole. Then there will be change of the IR sensor as a output which will be processed by the programmed microcontroller. The output of IR sensor is analog. So microcontroller can not access the generated information of IR sensor. Thus that value will be converted to a digital value where the digital value is compared with a reference value. If ATmega32 microcontroller found the reference value lower than output, microcontroller will send any signal. Atmega32 will send signal when the reference value is greater than output. Fig 3.8 Flowchart of crack/hole sensing operation 20 3.3.5 Mechanism of Living Being Sensing PIR has a motion sensing mechanism. When any living being walks or comes in front of it then it finds the characteristics as the PIR sense the heat of blood A continuous light wave radar has been created by this sensor. A arduino is coded to make sound when a living being found. The code is also responsible to show the detection message through the mobile application of anrdoid smart phone. A buzzer module is connected to sense the sound which is connected to arduino. Fig 3.9 Flowchart of living being sensing operation 3.3.6 Mechanism of Android Home Automation For too many purposes the home automation feature is needed. In our project works this section is coded and powered through arduino and operated by android application. The software sends the signal via Bluetooth module which makes an effect in relay pins thus the load (appliances) can be controlled. 21 Fig 3.10 Flowchart of living android control home automation system 22 3.4 Summary The methodology of each section generally maintains the device performance and code where the actual functions and methods of each department satisfies. These device dependent mechanism have been utilized by the code. 23 Chapter 4 Hardware Components 4.1 Introduction The components used in this project are accumulated as far as possible. The two arduino boards are adjoined with four different sections of our project. 4.2 Individual Parts Equipments The individual equipments of different sections of this project are mentioned. 4.2.1 Equipments of Android Control Wheelchair Arduino uno Relay Battery 12v 1 Amp Bluetooth module Android Application 4.2.2 Equipments of Voice Commanded LCD Display LCD display Arduino uno Bluetooth 4.2.3 Equipments of Obstacle Sensing LCD display Arduino uno 24 Sonar 4.2.4 Equipments of Crack Detection Atmega32 IR sensor module LED 4.2.5 Equipments of Living Being Sensing Arduino uno PIR Buzzer 4.2.6 Equipments of Home Automation Arduino uno Relay Bluetooth module 4.3 Components Description 4.3.1 Arduino Uno The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board in view of the ATmega328. It has 14digital input/output pins, 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB port, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. 25 Fig 4.1 Arduino Uno Table 4.1 Features of arduino uno MicrocontrollerATmega328Operating Voltage5VInput Voltage (recommended)7-12VInput Voltage (limits)6-20VDigital I/O Pins14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)Analog Input Pins6DC Current per I/O Pin40 mADC Current for 3.3V Pin50 mAFlash Memory32 KB of which 0.5 KB used by boot loaderSRAM2 KBEEPROM1 KBClock Speed16 MHz 26 Fig 4.2 Structural review of Arduino Uno Fig 4.3 Arduino Uno Pin diagram 27 Table 4.2 Notation of arduino uno ARDUINO PINMICROCONTROLLER PIN0PD0(RXD)1PD1(TXD)2PD2(INT0)3PD3(INT1)4PD45PD56PD67PD78PB09PB110PB2(SS)11PB3(MSIO)12PB4(MISO)13PB5(SCK)A0PC0A1PC1A2PC2A3PC3A4PC4(SDA)A5PC5(SCL) Pins description VIN The input voltage to the Arduino board 5V The regulated power supply required for microcontroller and other components on the board. GND. Ground pins Each of the 14 digital pins on the Uno can be utilized as an input or output, utilizing pinMode(), digitalWrite(), and digitalRead() instructions. They work at 5 volts. Each pin can give or get a maximum of 40 mA and has an internal resistor of 20-50 kOhms. Serial 0 (RX) and 1 (TX). Utilized to receive (RX) and transmit (TX) TTL serial data. These pins are connected to the comparing pins of the ATmega8U2 USB-to-TTL Serial chip. External Interrupts 2 and 3. These pins can be arranged to trigger an interrupt on a low value, a rising or falling edge, or a change in value. 4.3.2 ATMega32 Fig 4.4 ATmega32 In our days, there have been numerous progression in the field of Electronics and many cutting edge advancements are being developed consistently, yet at the same time 8 bit microcontrollers have its own part in the advanced gadgets showcase overwhelmed by 16-32 64bit computerized gadgets. Albeit ground-breaking microcontrollers with higher processing capabilities exist in the market, 8bit microcontrollers still hold its esteem as a result of their straightforward operation, very much high prevalence, capacity to simplify a computerized circuit, minimal effort looked at to features offered, expansion of many new highlights in a solitary IC whats more, enthusiasm of producers and purchasers. The features of this microcontroller are- High-performance Low-power AVR 8-bit Microcontroller 32 x 8 Registers Non-Volatile Memories 1024 Bytes EEPROM 32k Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable flash 2K Bytes Internal SRAM 8-channel, 10-bit ADC Programmable Serial USART Internal Calibrated RC Oscillator 32 Programmable I/O Lines 4.5-5.5V for ATmega32 0-16MHz for ATmega32 Fig 4.5 Atmega32 pin diagram 4.3.3 Bluetooth Module Fig 4.6 Bluetooth Module Typical -80dBm sensitivity Up to 4dBm RF transmit power Low Power 1.8V Operation ,1.8 to 3.6V I/O PIO control UART interface with programmable baud rate 4.3.4 LCD Display Fig 4.7 LCD display Specifications of LCD display are 5 x 8 dots with cursor Built-in controller (KS 0066 or Equivalent) 5V power supply (Also available for 3V) 1/16 duty cycle Fig 4.8 Pin diagram of LCD Pin NoFunctionName1Ground (0V)Ground2Supply voltage 5V (4.7V 5.3V)Vcc3Contrast adjustment througha variable resistorVEE4Selects command register when low and data register when highRegister Select5Low to write to the registerHigh to read from the registerRead/write6Sends data to data pins when a high to low pulse is givenEnable78-bit data pinsDB08DB1Table 4.3 Pin description of LCD module 4.3.5 Sonar Fig 4.9 Sonar 4.3.6 PIR PIRs are basically made of a pyroelectric sensor which can detect levels of infrared radiation. Fig 4.10 PIR 36 Fig 4.11 Pin Structure of PIR 4.3.7 IR Sensor 4.12 IR sensor An IR sensor is a device which sense IR radiations. It operates in direct, indirect, reflective and non-reflective surface. 4.3.8 Relay Fig 4.13 Relay A relay is an electromechanical switch. It consists of electromagnet and auxiliary contacts. 4.3.9 Buzzer Module Fig 4.14 Buzzer module 4.4 Summary For interfacing each component the pin diagrams and other features have been followed to justify the function. These point to point connections regarding the working principal of every junction of component are very much responsible behind the achievement of the outcomes. Chapter 5 Software Simulation 5.1 Introduction Simulations are the perfect procedure to know about the belongings whether ideas implies exactly or not. The Proteus has been used to identify the outcomes before the project work of hardware implementation. 5.2 Individual Simulation Outcomes Different parts of our projects simulation are given below 5.2.1 Android Control Wheelchair Fig 5.1 Simulation of android control wheelchair for forward direction 40 Fig 5.2 Simulation of android control wheelchair for right direction 5.2.2 Voice Commanded LCD Display Fig 5.3 Circuit connection of android control voice input for display 41 Fig 5.4 Simulation of android control voice input for display 5.2.3 Obstacle Sensing Fig 5.5 Circuit connection of obstacle sensing 42 Fig 5.6 Simulation of obstacle sensing 43 5.2.4 Crack Sensing Fig 5.7 Simulation of crack sensing 5.2.5 Living Being Sensing Fig 5.8 Simulation of living being sensing 44 5.2.6 Home Automation Fig 5.9 Simulation of android control home automation (One load is ON) Fig 5.10 Circuit connection of android control home automation (Another load is ON) 45 5.3 Summary The simulation parts are done individually to verify the perfection of each destination. To reduce the cost and keep simplicity we accumulate some parts during hardware implementation. 46 Chapter 6 Hardware Implementation Outcomes 6.1 Introduction This section introduces with the individual hardware implementation pictures and other processes. The operations and achievement through the project work defines via the attached picture of the particular findings indeed. 6.2 Hardware Prototype – Intelligent Wheelchair Fig 6.1 Intelligent Wheelchair (Side and top view) 47 Fig 6.2 Intelligent Wheelchair (Front and back view) 6.3 Hardware Connections and Outcomes Individual outcomes are shown below 6.3.1 Android Control Wheelchair Movement and Home Automation Fig 6.3 Connection of android control wheelchair movement and home automation Fig 6.10 Connection of android control voice display and living being sensing Fig 6.12 Voice showed in LCD 6.3.3 Obstacle sensing by Sonar Fig 6.13 Connection of obstacle sensing Fig 6.14 Obstacle sensed and distance showed in LCD by Sonar 53 6.3.4 Crack Detection Fig 6.15 Connection of crack sensing Fig 6.16 Figure of sensing hole/crack 54 6.3.5 Connection of Pulse-width Modulator Fig 6.17 Circuit connection of PWM to control the speed of wheelchair Chapter 7 Discussions and Conclusions 7.1 Discussions 7.2 Suggestion for Future Work We are hopeful to make some future works that can be done with it to modify it with its best outcomes. Some suggestions of the possibilities of future works are given below 7.2.1 For Handicapped Persons This chair can be developed with the tongue motion driver for the movement of wheelchair. Beside a heart beat sensing sensor can be set up for better records of the patient. The wheelchair is used by old aged persons in maximum case. So an artificial injection of insulin machine can be set up for the diabetic patient which will be too much helpful for the diabetic handicapped people. 7.2.2 For Transportation System The technology can be enhanced by using of caterpillar tracks for the movement through stairs. Again for the movement in outside this can be added with gear system and electricity consuming 56 mechanism for reducing the cost. Wheelchair can be built up with the operation of GSM for perfect communication of the user with others. 7.3 Conclusions This bright and innovative design will help for the handicapped person along with reducing the sophisticated life style of those types of patient. Our job will be too helpful for the users so far. For the revolution obviously this chair has to be further developed and manufactured. The world will see the continuous invention with pioneering Excellencies. We strongly believe that Intelligent Wheelchair for Handicapped Persons will be one of them. _t7DvWokZrn 3q5.W6W ,v f-SJ
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