Innovation is to keep pace with the rapidly changing world

Innovation is to keep pace with the rapidly changing world, public sector organisations need to innovate at an institutional level. we define innovation as creating new viable offerings in the form of services, products or methods to create value for the public sector and for citizens. The term is used for both new breakthrough solutions, and for modest optimisations of an existing product or service. Public sector innovation can be divided into three broad categories which are: core, adjacent and transformational innovation. Organisations with the strongest track record of innovation maintain the right balance of all three types of innovation. Core innovation initiatives involve making incremental changes to existing products and services, e.g. digitisation of existing government services. Transformational innovation creates completely new solutions and whole new operating models to tackle wicked problems in an entirely new way. Adjacent innovation usually involves using the organisation’s core strengths and capabilities but in a new area.

Partnering for an agile and a renewed public sector through innovation is based on the following points Building sustainable relationships, streamlining access, connecting people and skills and focusing on natural priorities. When building sustainable relationships companies need help finding post-secondary research capabilities that are relevant to them, and they need help in building relationships and developing collaborative projects. organisations, together with its academic and government partners, will play a greater role in facilitating these interactions and creating a strong foundation for future collaborations. Specifically, organisations will focus on facilitating industry-academic partnerships; create and support opportunities for researchers and their institutions to demonstrate their capabilities to companies; initiate exchanges between professionals in industry; provide fora for companies and researchers to identify research challenges and develop problem solving partnerships; and increase awareness in industry about the benefits of collaborating with other companies. In streamlining access significant differences exist between post-secondary institutions and industry in the way research is developed and exploited. Matters related to intellectual property, project management and technology integration slow the innovation process. Organisation will work with partners to bridge these differences and streamline access to its programs. Specifically, organisation will modify its existing innovation-oriented policies and programs to make them more accessible and relevant to industry, including revising its intellectual property policy to make it more flexible; support market studies at an early phase of technology development; support project management costs to facilitate the delivery of results; offer better leverage for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the organisation’s partnered grants programs; implement a network of post-secondary-based, industry-focused centres that will substantially increase SME participation; and increase the successful commercialization of university technologies. With connecting people and skills industry can benefit from employing highly qualified individuals to assist in the innovation process, including advancing new technologies. Even though graduates have strong technical skills, they must enhance their nontechnical skills (e.g. project management, communication, teamwork) to increase the attractiveness to industry and improve their employment prospects. To help meet the needs on both sides, organisation will: work to place additional qualified candidates within companies; make it more attractive for innovating companies, particularly small companies, to involve students in their business and hire graduates (e.g. facilitate hiring students who have been involved in collaborative research projects)
Partnership and innovation is a promising strategy for increasing productivity. The research community is among the best in the world. Private and Public sector governments will continue to make investments in service delivery projects, empowering a transformation of our science and innovation landscape, with the organizations new strategy for partnership and innovation. The government can take advantage of the synergies and potential for marked improvements achievable when the strength which resides in our research community is made more accessible to our private and public sector.

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