In today’s fast paced environment

In today’s fast paced environment, stress has become really common issue. What is exactly stress?. In everyday terms stress is a feeling that develops in people when there is undue pressure on them and they cannot meet everyday demands or deadlines. Whenever a person is stressed the well being of a person is at risk. The person tends to lose interest in life and develops a negative attitude towards life. Despite this, if a person develops an attitude to change his life and take control of his life then stress management is much easier. Managing stress makes the life of a person happier, productive and satisfied. Person tends to enjoy his life and puts his best efforts on relationships. There are various ways in which stress can be effectively dealt with.

First and foremost thing towards stress management is to identify the cause of stress. We should have a close look on our activities and habits which bother us the most and are the origin of stress which may be the job deadlines, personal problems, illness etcetera. Further we should strive effectively towards time management and should prioritise our tasks. Before starting our day we should make a “To do list” so that we can be able to meet all the deadlines and should end our day with peace and satisfaction. We should try to break the tasks into number of steps so that we can focus on one task at a time can do that work effectively. Whenever one feels stressed one should get up and start moving, be it a walk to the grocery store or going for a walk in the garden or taking your pet for a walk and so. Physical activity like exercise dancing jumping, playing outdoor games release endorphins and makes the person happy and brings tranquility. We should just try to get up and start moving while listening to soft music because music heals the mind body and soul naturally.

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In addition to it, we should also try to communicate with others to relieve our stress and for this the other person does not necessarily be able to solve your problems but should be a good listener. Having face to face interactions with close friends who understands you lightens one’s moods and one tends to forget all the problems and distances himself from all the anxiety and fear. We can try to reach out for our friends for instance planning weekly dinners, calling or texting our old friends or planning picnics with our friends. These things can contribute a lot towards well being of us. Furthermore, we should always develop a positive attitude towards life. We should not allow negativity to overpower us and should train ourselves to see good in every situation in order to live a stress free life. We should try to focus on the things that are under our control and should let go the things which are uncontrollable. We should try to look at problems with positive perspective so that we can minimise the stress in our life.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can offer a lot of resistance to stress. We should always try to begin our day with healthy and nutritious meals so that our mind is refreshed and we can keep ourselves energetic to cope up with stress. We should try to have adequate sleep so that we are not tired and irritated because being tired causes a lot of stress is one’s life. The intake of alcohols and drugs should be avoided because although they provide temporary relief from stress but they only mask the problem and do not solve it. We should always have fun and enjoyment in our life and should crave for that “me” time. We should develop a good sense of humour and should try to live each and every moment to the fullest. We should try to do the things in which we find happiness for instance it can be painting, listening to music, dancing etcetera. Doing the things which a person loves rejuvenates his or her mind, body and soul.

In conclusion, stress management can contribute a lot towards a person’s inner peace and well being. Although stress may seem to be too powerful to handle but the above mentioned steps can be taken to relieve it and make our life much more meaningful and productive.


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