In this report we will be learning about watermelons

In this report we will be learning about watermelons. We will be learning about why watermelons are healthy and comparing them to strawberries. Watermelons are a lot more than just a fruit you can find at the store. Wwatermelons actually help you alot with your daily needs and help you stay healthy. After this report i think you will think more about watermelons also other fruits and what other benefits they have than just satisfying your hunger.
Watermelons only have 84 calories and are made up of 90% water. Watermelons also have more natural sugar than strawberries containing 17 grams. Watermelon contain 7% of the daily magnesium your body needs. Watermelon also contain 9% of the daily potassium that your body needs. Vitamin A is also important in our daily lives and strawberries contain 0% of it opposed to watermelons which contain 32%. Watermelon also have many other benefits to the human body that help you stay healthy and functioning.
Watermelons usually need around 80 days to grow after being planted and are easily grown. There is a method of planting watermelons called the “moon and stars” method. This method of planting watermelons introduced in 1926 causes the watermelon to grow with a speckled deep green skin and tiny yellow stars. Watermelon vines can reach up to 20 feet long and are better planted 3 to 4 feet apart to prevent the vines from intertwining. Beware of certain bugs that will be after your watermelons cucumber beetles and vine borers are two of the worst threats to watermelons you should look out for.
Figuring out if a watermelon is completely ripe is not an easy task to complete. To determine this many gardeners look at the tendril part of the melon which is the stem, when this part dries up and turns brown your watermelon is ripe. Gardeners also determine this by looking at the ground under the watermelon. As the watermelon gets older the spot will turn white and almost look yellow.
In conclusion watermelons are very interesting fruits and have a lot more things to them than just being a fruit. Watermelon help you with your daily vitamins and keeping yourself healthy. Watermelons also can be easily grown so you will be able to grow your own watermelons if you choose to do so. Watermelons also come in a number of sizes so you don’t have to worry about having too much or to little you can buy the size of your choice.


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