In this chapter that I have learn

In this chapter that I have learn, management skills is when a manager, team leader, supervisor etc, being not just specialist in your own job but to manage other employee’s works whether in team or individuals.
A good organization is when a good management to manage their employee in a good example by increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. A good managers who can do problem solving within a short period of time and to identify the problem at the same time. Being a manager is to require other skills as well. Such as, communication skill and written skill.
The meaning of management is to satisfy the organizational goal by using efficient and effective to combine the work of people by organizing, controlling, planning and leading the organization’s resources.
Being a manager does not simply work in individual but to work with other as well. For example, each manager needed to understand their employee capabilities by giving them the right task to the right employee. Manager should observe each and every employee task that is given and give motivate to the employee when they are needed.
There are some general skills that affect managerial effectiveness, for example of a marketing manager; firstly skill that needed to obtain is technical skills where their knowledge is to gain more customer to buy a product by using in term of sales communicating. Second skill is conceptual skill where they able to think of a creative way to create interest to customer by knowing what the customer needs and wants. The third is interpersonal skill where they have to communicate in a way to make their customer to understand and gain trust of the product.
Based on the lecturer slide that is given to us. I want to be a manager is because I don’t like to be control by other so I would like to control others. If I did well in everything I gain respect and trust by employee.


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