In the contemporary society

In the contemporary society, tourism is significantly growing across the world. People are visiting places, particularly during vacations to observe and enjoy the beauty of nature. Today, it is regarded as the fastest growing income generating sector. Indeed, this has been attributed to the fact tourism has experienced deepening diversification that has necessitated its continued growth. Scholars who have taken the opportunity to study practices relating to tourism articulates that it is not only a marginal element but also enduring and constitutive to the society. Tourism is currently playing a crucial role in the definition of international commerce and acting as the primary source of income to most of the developing countries. Thus, attracting the attention of many including scholars who try to evaluate the different perspectives applicable to understanding its performance (Franklin, 2003). Also, tourism is rapidly growing to an area that students are enrolling to pursue studies that enhances their comprehension of the different approaches developed in the assessment of its performance. In this discussion, my area of interest is to stipulate how authors understand and enact performance-oriented approach to tourism, its appearance and how it differs from other perspectives.
Firstly, the authors have been able to understand and enact performance centered approaches to tourism by appreciating that it is a changing commercial and cultural form that embraces modernity. Indeed, today tourism has blended with the everyday life of human beings creating a phenomenon that is detachable. Therefore, it has been able to configure its way into the daily witnessed cultural behaviors and social relations. To justify this aspect, the authors have directed their focus in comprehending tourism in both cultural and social terms which entails figuring out exactly how people are doing and reasons for indulging in such activities (Haldrup & Larsen 2009). For instance, it would be appropriate to understand why people find somethings fascinating while others are not attracted to them. Further, many people in the society view tourism as an escape from work. However, why do such individuals enjoy engaging in activities that expose them to uncomfortable and challenging situations including camping? Essentially, by understanding these aspects scholars are able to enact performance-oriented approaches.


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