In Recent years

In Recent years, with the further raise of the complexity and the social occasion of the machine electronic mastery arrangement , there are 80 ECUs (Electronic Control Units) in an ordinary motor vehicle and five kinds of bus arrangement s are adopted in them to realize the interaction and communication in these ECUs. Taking reliability, cost and other factors into consideration, it is an inevitable developing trend to replace the large number of ECUs by a

micromastery ler which is more powerful in a small amount in today’s automotive industry and previously there was a microcontroller operating in the proprietorship ECUs. If the integration of various functions in the ECU succeeds, then reliability and safety of automotive electronics in diligence need to be considered scheme atically. In the procedure cognitive operation of ECU, partition mechanics should be applied in the embedded package design of automotive electronics so as to isolate the various software system components, effectively resist flaw multiplication and avoid hitch among them. Based on this situation, an automobile electronic closing off protection mechanism is proposed in this paper. In this study, strategy of automotive electronic isolation protection mechanisms based on embedded operating system is mainly analyzed and discussed. In compounding through boundless software appliances and hardware properties, isolation fortification requests in such characteristics as presentation, operating system, interfere service routine and activity can be met and memorial access faults of the control system are organized within a certain extent so that chance of embedded operating system letdown is concentrated.

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