In my thesis the research approach is determined by my worldview

In my thesis the research approach is determined by my worldview, and therefore it is influenced by the way how I interpret the reality. This involves my interpretation of the concept of culture and the way of approaching and understanding it.

I believe that the culture, as the reality in general, is a socially constructed phenomenon rather than a given property. As I previously discussed, with reference to various authors, culture can be defined as a notion of a way people get adapted to the changing situation, also transferring their accumulated experience to their future generations. Culture defines human’s position in the society, occupations, pattern of lifestyle. Culture’s influence also includes the way people treat their work duties, relations between colleagues. Cultural stereotypes also influence how people act and what decisions they use to take. It has become a wide practice to explain the political and economical both progress and failures within cultural context.
In the past there were two ways of studying the culture

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