Impact of the Smartphones Nowadays

Impact of the Smartphones
Nowadays, smartphones significantly impact the life of the people in so many ways. These smartphones not only offers some features that a personal computer could have, but they also provide a very high level of entertainment. Smartphones could either be used as a beneficial factor or it can result in bad habits. It can help us to connect with our loved ones, friends, and workmates through text, call, and social media. Unfortunately, people abuse the use of smartphones to the point where they no longer connect to the people around them. People are using smartphones most of the time that they are unable to successfully accomplish or finish the required task given to us. In addition, it creates poor communication towards our family, friend, and relatives.
Smartphones offer various features that are necessary for people’s everyday lives which made their lives easier and more convenient. The first feature in our list is the camera which is available to almost all of the existing smartphones in today’s generation. Who needs an expensive camera where you can just use your smartphones to capture precious moments in your life anytime and anywhere. This gadget not only captures the moments but it also saves it as long as you have the available storage. Next, is the calendar where you can carry wherever you go and check the date anytime. Also, you can put an event schedule that reminds you anytime that the upcoming event. Being able to access the internet also gives you a wide variety of entertainment as well as updates people on what is happening around the world by simply searching for news on their interest. A calculator is also one of the great features that the smartphone can offer along with so many applications that could make the consumer’s lives easier. A wallet is another application that you can access anytime it allows you to pay your transaction using your phone. Lastly, the most remarkable attribute that the smartphone can present is its ability to connect the world as one. Smartphones enable each individual to communicate with their loved ones across the by messaging them on messenger, text and can even talk to them by video call or voice call. Smartphone of every kind and brand gives its consumers a great convenience to their everyday lives to the point where it becomes part of their daily routine and their everyday living.
However, even though smartphones provides people with convenience, if abused there can be serious consequences. One of the negative effects is people developing bad and unhealthy habits. For instance, it can be a root of procrastination which can delay work progress. Instead of doing the required tasks, one may be distracted by their phones, they can be playing games, texting to their friends and checking emails and social media postponing their work. Also, because smartphones give instant of everything such as easy access to desired information, people can flourish in their laziness and develop a short attention span. Smartphones can be so addicting which can emerge to a poor lifestyle. Instead of people going to the gym to excessive or perform productive activities, they lost track of their time due to their constant use of their phones all day and night. In addition, too much phone browsing can lead to poor eyesight. There can be a lot of health issues that are caused by the smartphone if it’s abused. However, it does not only cause physical health problems it also affects your communication with the people around you. Yes, smartphones help people connect people from milestones away, but it also makes an individual forget the face-to-face communication and failed to connect to the people close to them.
In today’s high tech world, all convenience is given by just one click of the finger and it is very beneficial to the most of the people on this planet. It also provides features that can connect every individual across the continent. However, when using wrongly, it can provide a serious health issue and can impact people’s social lives negatively. Like the coin having two faces, smartphones propose the same, it makes people’s lives easier, it can also make it harder, socially and physically.


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