I, Harsha Pillai completed my Bachelors in Commerce from Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi in May 2016 with a CGPA of 9.14 and got placed into McKinsey & Company, a leading management consulting firm as a Business Presentation Specialist and worked there for two years from June 2016 to July 2018. My experience with the firm motivated me to pursue higher education in Business Analytics in order to obtain a clear perspective about the role of a Business Analyst in today’s fast paced and highly challenging corporate scenario.

There are multiple reasons why I chose St. Lawrence college as the school to pursue my postgraduate studies in Business Analytics. St. Lawrence college is one of the best SPP colleges in Canada that offer career-oriented courses and has also got a high rate of employer satisfaction. The college has smaller classroom strength which would enable the students to have a very interactive academic experience and in addition to that, the already well laid out curriculum also includes a field placement which would enable me to have a hands-on industry experience and a practical usage of the knowledge imbibed in the duration of the course. The college has also got excellent student reviews about the faculty, quality of education and facilities offered by the college all of which propelled my decision to finalise upon the Business Analytics course offered by St. Lawrence college’s Kingston campus.

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I selected Canada as my study destination because of the high education standards and high quality of education with a global recognition offered by the institutions in the country. Canadian institutions aim to offer best-in-class education and a curriculum that is very relevant to today’s job scenario. Canada also has a very diverse and inclusive culture along with being known as an extremely immigrant friendly, orderly and peaceful country.


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