I would like to share the pivotal moments that happened throughout my life that has gotten me to this point today

I would like to share the pivotal moments that happened throughout my life that has gotten me to this point today. To start off with, I always had a great family growing up and wouldn’t change that for the world. I’ve constantly been surrounded by people who love and care for me tremendously, and for that reason is to why i have been gravitated towards caring for others. Growing up was interesting to say the least and got to experience heartbreak, happiness, and success along the way. I never thought that my encounters when I was younger would help me achieve the most unthinkable possibilities.
At a young age I’ve consistently put my family first, it’s something that is very prominent to me and what I find most rewarding. I maintain a very strong bond with every single person in my family and one of which, is my grandparents. They were the only branch of family that I was capable to see and talk to every day. My grandfather was a huge influence in my life because he owned his own business being a boat captain. He maintained four boats where he would take people out to the water to fish, dock by the beach, or watch the sunset. Every time we were together we would inevitably be on the boats. He would teach me how to catch fish, he bought me my first fishing rod, and even taught me how to operate the boats. He was the person that brought so much light into my life and always inspired me to work hard, and to never give up. Also, my grandmother, she was a very clever lady who always knew exactly what to say at any given moment. She, of course, is the one I would cook with and she would teach me all of her secret recipes. I was able to express anything on my mind, and she would give her full attention and purposeful judgement. It was the times of baking a batch of cookies and coming up with new recipes, but being so caught up that the cookies were always burnt to a crisp. Having someone that’s so beneficial in my life has made me who I am today. Growing up with my grandparents by my side has developed an overwhelming sense of discipline, responsibility, and love. I was able to look up to them, not only as my grandparents, but as my heroes and role models.
With life moving on and to my mind just getting better, there was a bump in the road. My grandfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I was confused and overwhelmed, but if I knew one thing, it was that I knew he could beat it. Not knowing at the time, I just thought it was any old sickness that could be treated. In this case, it couldn’t. My mother who was also very close to my grandfather took him all around the state of Florida finding doctors who specialized in treating esophageal cancer and even grasped the chance to drive to Mexico in hopes to finally overcome this battle. Over the progression of months, it got worse, he didn’t look like himself anymore, and I’ve never seen anyone undergo so much pain before. I never wanted to see anyone in pain let alone my grandpa. It was at that time when my mother and aunt drove to Mexico in hopes to get him treated when the esophageal cancer took over. He unfortunately passed away. I’ve never experienced a loss of any kind before and it felt like I got a rug pulled out from under me. Without a doubt, I knew he was in a better place that would treat him so well, but also learned and grew from this experience with a better outlook on life.
All in all, as life moved onward I was able to move past the situation that happened and relieved that I still had my grandfather with me, just not as close as I wanted. I was able to be myself again and became stronger. That’s until about a year later I found out my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was shocked and felt defeated once again. I didn’t ever think this would happen especially with my grandmother. I couldn’t picture my life without her, but I knew I had to stay positive and let things happen the way they’re supposed too. I remember when my grandmother was sick we would be at her house listening to music and have ice cream parties and the song that would play would be Forever Young by Rod Stewart. This was her and my grandfather’s favorite song, in which we would listen to it on repeat for hours. Months going by, my grandmother fought as much as she could but wasn’t able to overcome ovarian cancer. Over the time of grief and desperation, the one thing that kept me close to them was the song that played in their house every day. A lyric in the song Forever Young by Rod Stewart sticks with me to this day which is “And when you finally fly away, I’ll be hoping that I served you well.” This has shown me that with everything that happened, it has influenced me to help and care for others, and I hope to make them proud.
Since the passing of my grandparents, I have expressed my passion towards caring for others. Growing up and living years without my grandparents I realized the nurses and doctors helping them were exactly who I wanted to be. When I entered high school, I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare setting. When the time came, I applied to be involved in my school’s medical academy to get experience within the healthcare system. In addition, I decided to join a club on campus that allowed me to volunteer at different cancer organizations. Being involved in this club has made an increasingly impact in my life because I was able to spread awareness and support the ones in need. Through my school’s medical academy, I was training to be a certified nurse assistant and with that I had the chance to provide care at nursing homes and hospitals. Throughout this stage in my life, I referred to the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus quite often because I was given many criticisms from others who were telling me that nursing is way too hard and challenging, and I’ll never get through it. I will say, the path I chose will be difficult but it’s not about the challenge or the work, it’s about the motivation and passion I have gained from my experiences. One lyric from the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus that represents my life was “The chances I’m taking might knock me down but no I’m not breaking.” When I was given the option to start my nursing career early, I grabbed it. I worked on obtaining my certified nursing assistant license and put all my energy and motivation into it and passed. I finally was skilled to start working in a real healthcare setting and pursue my passion. At this moment, I was given every opportunity to give back to my grandparents, but I didn’t stop here. I wanted to go to college to reach higher goals and ultimately get my degree.
Above all, I never lost focus on becoming a nurse and would never let that fade away. I started setting goals for myself to achieve my ongoing dedication to be in the health care field. I decided that college was a place where I want to continue setting and reaching my goals. I began researching at all my options to see where I can get the best training for my intended major. I decided that I wanted to be a registered nurse and specialize in neonatal care. At the time of my grandparents passing they always assured me to follow my dreams, and my dream is to be Neonatal Nurse. In this moment of my life, I know my grandparents are following along this journey with me and they are more than proud of what I achieved what more there is to come. Right now, the song My Wish by Rascal Flatts is so meaningful because it’s my grandparent’s way of speaking to me through this song. One lyric that represents them speaking to me is “My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worries stay small.” Never did I think I would be given the opportunity to study nursing in college given to people telling me that I should pick a new career because it will be difficult. Ultimately, given words thrown at me in ways of critiquing me have just made be stronger, smarter, and more motivated. Therefore, I know my grandparents are here with me, support me, and are ready to guide me to where I need to be.
As my life is still continuing, how my past as unraveled itself has been one of the most significant aspects of my life. It’s hard to imagine my life going down this road if it wasn’t for the heartbreak and sadness for the loss of my grandparents. Now I know even the worst things in life can essentially be the greatest in the long run. I was given opportunities that only some wish for and I’m forever grateful and will treasure those memories endlessly. Without a doubt, I have become the person I am today because of my past and it’s all for the greater good. Although my grandparents are not with me today, they are still watching over me and it takes everything I have within me in hopes to make them proud.


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