I was in high school in 1996

I was in high school in 1996, as the first mammal ever to be cloned from another individual’s cell. After this great achievement, I became fascinated by learning the processes of the human organism on genes level but at the same time I desired to achieve my childhood dream, to participate in mission trips and to provide medical care and aid to the people who are in need as a physician. I know that to practice of medicine not only require my knowledge and skills, but also compassion and care towards a patient.
First, as a doctor we should know the human physiology and then we can understand what is considered pathology. I feel like medical school is a lot self motivation and learning on your own. At the end of the three years basic science education, I rotated all specialties for two years. I discovered each specialty has its commendable ways of dealing with each disease. I found internal medicine has more variety and complexity of the problems which made it more challenging and rewarding. I admired my attending’s breadth of knowledge across various medical disciplines, and I took pleasure in collaborating with physicians of all specialties, especially when the diagnosis proved to be difficult.
I found that as a fourth-year medical student I used to spend more time with my patients, explaining how a diagnosis is made and what treatments might be required. Encouraged by these experiences with my patients, I was inspired to learn more about their conditions, not only for my own personal knowledge but also for their education as well. The personal level of interaction of patients has guided me towards internal medicine. During my internal medicine rotation, I worked with variety of patients from broad range of social economic status, cultural backgrounds.
I have the ability to lead and educate others. I am also analytical and detail-oriented characteristics. In addition to my years as a professional scuba-diver have endowed me with certain traits that will not only make me a successful internist but also a well-balanced physician. These qualities include a never-ending quest for personal improvement, pride in my work or training, and the ability to focus on several tasks while balancing personal and professional obligations.
I earned broad clinical experience with hands on clinical practice, during my one year internship and two years employment at mother and child healthcare center as a general practitioner due to requirement of the social work. I had every age of patients with various health problems. I enjoyed encountering with patients and I felt so motivated since the patients were satisfied with given care and my medical skills and knowledge. However I feel that I should achieve more than that. I was so precise to become a specialist in internal medicine.
I want to work in a hospital that nurtures a healthy learning environment based on open communication and where faculty and residents work as a team. I will deliver to my residency program my distinct earnestness, goal oriented hard work. My ambition is to follow up my residency training with a fellowship and to be a physician scientist in a teaching hospital.


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